How much will shipping cost to my location?

This depends on what is in your basket, and where you want it to be shipped. The best way to check how much it will cost for what you want to be sent to you is to add it to your shopping basket and proceed to checkout. A shipping price will be added to your shopping basket based on the weight and dimensions of the final parcel when you enter your shipping country.

Another option is to consult our Delivery page.

Can you repackage my items to save me shipping cost?

We do not repackage any items. All items are shipped inside their original manufacturer's display packaging, so you have safety information, manufacturer's details, and so that items arrive in perfect condition. Customs have the information they need on the packaging. We then place your purchases inside one or two plain brown shipping boxes for transit.

Why can I see "Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time." on the checkout page?

Your basket is too heavy! Imagine if a customer put everything on the website in their basket and tried to checkout! Solve this dilemma by adding a sensible amount of items and refreshing the browser. A shipping price will be offered when the basket is within the weight allowance. Typically we can ship up to 5 dolls in one order, to give you an example.

The doll I want to buy costs more than 150 EUR / 127 GBP and I want you to ship it to my country in the European Union - can I buy it?

It is not possible to buy it on the shop website. You will need to send us an email and we can create an order for you. This order will be without VAT, and you will pay VAT when the order reaches your country.

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