We've put together some questions and answers based on what we are hearing the most from customers who need further information.

As the questions are coming via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, replies to newsletter etc we thought a central place would be the best way to answer these commonly asked questions, and we hope it's helpful to you.

We will keep it updated, so please check back as and when queries arise.

Have you contacted everyone about Willow & Sommer?

Update 28th July: We're now waiting for all those we have written to, to reply.
Everyone has 5 days from when we write to them to make their purchases, and if we don't hear from them then we will remove them from the group and write to the next on the list in their group (groups: Willow & Sommer, Willow only, Sommer only).
There are about 50 open letters, so there will undoubtedly be many more letters written during this week.

Why are some people buying 2 dolls?

Some people are buying both Willow and Sommer because they registered to buy 'Willow & Sommer'. They are in the Willow & Sommer group. Other people registered to buy 'Willow only' and they are in the Willow only group. Everyone else who registered...

Why do I need to have a customer account?

You need to have a customer account so that we can make the dolls visible to your customer account. The dolls are not visible to everyone else who visits the website.

When will I know I am not going to get a doll?

It's going to take a while. We will then post a message here in the Chosen FAQ section, and we'll post on Facebook too. 1st July: we are still awaiting payment from customers.

Why are you contacting the 'Willow & Sommer' group first?

Initially, we contacted European Union customers, in all 3 groups (Willow & Sommer, Willow only, Sommer only), as those orders needed to leave quickly due to changes in EU VAT rules. Subsequently, we are contacting the Willow & Sommer group ...

Are my chances of getting a doll higher if I register for both dolls?

No, everyone has one registration.

Can I pay for my Chosen dolls with layaway Partial.ly?

No, the Chosen dolls are for immediate shipping. Please do not use Partial.ly to pay at checkout.

Why don't you just sell Chosen dolls on the website, first come first served?

We may do in the future. The website can be reinforced for high traffic, as high traffic would be expected. However, some customers would then buy a lot of dolls. With limited editions they are sold out quickly to a few customers who resell them.

Is there a waiting list?

No, there is not a waiting list as such. There are 3 groups: Willow & Sommer Willow only Sommer only Registrations in each of these groups were randomised (ie put into a random order, so that it didn't matter when you registered) and we work...

Why was I not Chosen?

It's the dolls that are Chosen. If the demand is greater than the supply of 250 dolls, then there isn't a doll for everyone. We randomise the registrations, which means we reorder them and work from the top of the list down, to give everyone a fair...

How can I find out about future Chosen doll launches?

We announce Chosen doll launches on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, on the website and through our newsletter. Announcements are made quickly, and we move straight into a short registration period. Dolls are in stock and begin shipping after they are ...

I paid for express shipping, when will my order be sent?

Orders with express shipping will be sent express. Normally this would also have a bearing on processsing time at the warehouse, but not during the Chosen launches where it is very busy and many customers choose express shipping. Orders can become ...

Have all the Willow and Sommer dolls been claimed?

Yes, all the dolls that have been offered have now been claimed.

Why has someone else had their order sent before my order has been sent?

The warehouse team will make the decisions (if there are any to be made) about which orders are shipped. Normally they pack in sequence of order, or if they can, they pack in order of priority. However, packing in order of priority is not possible when...

I am a very good customer, why have I not been contacted about a Chosen doll?

We are really very sorry that you have not been contacted about a Chosen doll. It's hard to see other people receiving emails and not to find one in your own inbox. For us, we are working down a list from the top to the bottom. As we make new offers...

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