On 1st January 2021 the United Kingdom and the European Union began a new trading arrangement following the United Kingdom's withdrawal of membership of the EU.

Ordinarily this would mean that European Union customers buying from My Doll Best Friend would face VAT and administration charges when their order crossed a border and entered the EU.

However, My Doll Best Friend has joined the European Union's One Stop Shop for non-union members. This means that we can collect VAT for your country at checkout on our website, and make the payment on your behalf, so that your order incurs no costs or unnecessary delays.

We assure you, website prices are therefore final for destinations in the European Union.

I live in the European Union, will there be extra charges if I order from My Doll Best Friend?

Our prices already include VAT which we pay to the European Union, so you do not have to do this! This means that our prices are final and your order will leave our warehouse and be sent directly to your shipping address - just like when the UK was in the EU. You will not have to pay anything extra. There will be no duty, no tax and no administration fee when your order enters an EU country.

My government's advice page states that after Brexit I will have to pay tax on imported orders from the UK, so why are you saying I will not have to pay VAT if the government's page says I will have to?

We confirm you will not have to pay extra VAT if you buy from My Doll Best Friend.

The government of your country and the European Union advises that you have to pay VAT on imports from the UK because that is the default legal position. Generally companies will not go to the effort of making these tax arrangements so the default legal position is advised by the government's website.

However, My Doll Best Friend has made arrangements to collect VAT at the checkout and pay this to the European Union, so you do not have to. 

This avoids unecessary delays and charges for you and allows your parcel to move quickly in transit directly from our warehouse to your front door.

Our prices are final and there will be no extra charges applied by any country in the European Union.

Is the price on the website the final price I will pay, or will there be more costs to import the order?

The website price is the FINAL and ONLY price customers in the European Union will pay.

Why can I only place an order of up to 150 Euro / £127 ?

My Doll Best Friend has joined the new European Union tax scheme called the One Stop Shop (OSS / or IOSS).  This enbles us to pay the VAT to the European Union on your behalf. It means it's a stress free purchase for you! Prices on the website...

The doll I want to buy costs more than 150 EUR / 127 GBP and I want you to ship it to my country in the European Union - can I buy it?

It is not possible to buy it on the shop website. You will need to send us an email and we can create an order for you. This order will be without VAT, and you will pay VAT when the order reaches your country.

Please, mind that only logged in users can submit questions

If you are in the UK you will want to see prices in British Pounds, including VAT.

If you are in a European Union country, you will want to see prices in Euro, including VAT, because we pay your VAT and duty!

For everyone else, we will show you prices in US dollars, but you can change this at the top of the website.

Please therefore, click Agree!