Can I see the dolls or can I visit your shop?

My Doll Best Friend is an internet-only business. We do not have shop premises where products can be viewed and purchased. Stock is warehoused, so with regret any viewing or photographing of items is not possible.

Can I talk to someone for advice about dolls?

By all means give us a try! We take calls and answer as we can, but specialist doll consultation is not something we promote as being available all the time. The best person to have the conversation with might be unavailable at the time your call. Our friendly receptionist will ensure that you do not go through to voicemail between 8.30am and 6pm Monday to Friday, and will happily take your  message if no one is available. Please give them your name and email address so that we can reply to you. Giving them an order number also helps us enormously!

Can I buy a doll that I do not see on the website?

There is a pre-order form for all dolls that can be ordered in if they are not listed as available on the website, and you will find the pre-order form here: Pre-Order Form. If the form is unavailable when you click the link, then we have no dolls available for pre-order.

Can you help me identify or value an existing doll in my collection, or will you buy it from me?

We do not offer any of these services. Facebook doll groups, Ebay and doll auction sites may provide you with the information you seek. Good luck!

Can you repair my doll? Do you know of a doll hospital?

If you purchased your doll from My Doll Best Friend then please contact Customer Service. Otherwise we regret to inform you that we do not offer a doll repair service, and therefore we cannot repair your doll or send it away to be repaired, even if we offer the same doll brand. Currently we do not know of a doll hospital to recommend, but this section will be updated if we find somewhere reliable for you to send your doll for repair.

There was a doll on the website but now I can't see it, why is that?

If a doll is no longer in stock it will be hidden from the website as we do not allow out of stock items to show up in search results. As soon stock is added to the inventory the product listing will pop up on the website again! 

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