NEWS from Kidz n Cats: "The sold out dolls are not planned to be back in stock"!!!!
Is this the best hint yet as to which dolls may be retired in 2014? Discussions are taking place at With Heart & Soul as to which dolls to re-make for their 2014 collection.
The sold out dolls are: Grace, Alister, Sabine, Evita and Sophie.
Therefore, we cannot re-stock these dolls for Christmas and only have a few of each left. There may of course be no more made.


We have just a very small number left in the shop.
Two other dolls are very low in stock at With Heart & Soul and these are Anne and Tim. Could these be two of the dolls to finish completely this year?

Kidz 'n' Cats dolls are hard to find after they have been retired as they are highly collectible and good investments so can reach higher prices in auctions. The main aim of the brand though is to make beautiful high quality play dolls and it's this appeal to collectors and children alike that make them so desirable.