How many Kidz n Cats dolls have been made with red hair since 2009? You might think the answer is 3: Amelie in 2009, Robby in 2010 and Rieke in 2012.  There are a couple of other dolls though who while they don't have vibrant red hair have enough red hair strands for their hair to qualify as reddish.
Who are they do you think?
Kidz n Cats Amelie 2009
Kidz n Cats Robby 2010
Kidz n Cats Rieke 2012
Here are two other Kidz n Cats dolls with reddish hair. Their wigs have lots of strands of red hair mixed in with other colours and you can see this when you look closely. This red hair is more of a natural subtle red colour than the red of Amelie, Robby and Rieke.
The doll on the right also has a lot of golden strands of hair with the red strands.
Another clue: here are their cats. Do you know who they are now?
The doll on the right with the reddish hair whose face you cannot see in the photo above belongs to Kidz n Cats Annika who was a new doll for 2013. Here she is how I saw her at the New York Toy Fair in 2013.
Kidz n Cats Annika
Kidz n Cats Annika
The doll with the reddish hair in the photo above on the left belongs to Kidz n Cats Galina from 2012.
Kidz n Cats Galina
Kidz n Cats Galina
Galina and Annika together.
Gallina and Annika

And with their cats:

Kidz n Cats Galina and Annika


The beautiful pouty face of Annika was first available in 2009 in the original collection with Mareike, Amelie, Louisa and Helen.


Kidz n Cats Annika


Kidz n Cats Annika


Galina was available for the first time in 2011 and she and Evita (2012) are the only two dolls with this face mould. Here's Galina wearing Annika's clothing and with her cat.


Galina wearing Annika's clothing.

Annika is dressed in Galina's clothes and is cuddling her cat:

Annika wearing Galina's clothing

Annika in Galina's top and shorts.

Annika wearing Galina's clothes
Two gorgeous girls that I'm delighted to have in my collection.
Kidz n Cats Galina and Annika


There are 5 Kidz n Cats dolls with red or reddish hair: Amelie, Robby, Rieke, Galina and Annika. Both Galina and Annika are now retired.
Annika was not a doll that sold well in 2013 and I've no idea why as she's absolutely beautiful. I wonder if it is because her hair colour wasn't appreciated for its loveliness; I think the promotional photo may have made it look quite brown. Dolls with warm reddish colours in their hair are usually very popular. I hope she can be seen for the beautiful doll that she is in this feature. There is still chance to add Kidz n Cats Annika to your collection, or to buy her for a gift for a child or someone who loves dolls, as she is still available at My Doll Best Friend.
There's a valuable Kidz n Cats resource at My Doll Best Friend compiled carefully and regularly updated as Sonja Hartmann creates new Kidz n Cats dolls and it includes information about all of the Kidz n Cats that have been made.
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