LAST ONE LEFT IN UK! Alexis Christine O'Shay

LAST ONE LEFT IN UK! Alexis Christine O'Shay

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Brand: Via-E
Eye type: Blue/ Closing
Size: 50cm/ 19" 
Hair: Dark Golden Blonde- Rooted
Articulation: 9 Points

These first edition Alexis dolls have nearly completely sold out - the UK has just 2 dolls left!
* Reduced because the display box has a little bit of damage to the back.
Alexis O'Shay is the doll central to the new brand Via-E and Alexis. She is

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*These first edition Alexis dolls have nearly completely sold out! Alexis O'Shay is the first doll from the brand and comes with a limited edition numbered and signed certificate of authenticity, like the one shown in the photo. Alexis is a high quality all vinyl jointed play doll with plentiful rooted golden blonde hair that has a life-like quality found only in high-end collector dolls. She stands and is 18.5"/ 48cm tall. Her realistic jointed body has 22 features that make her especially lifelike. Particular attention has been paid to her hands and her feet. She has a French pedicure, a real footprint and a gap between her toes so that she can wear flip-flops.  Her hands have a French manicures, the palms have lines and her hand is shaped to hold yours. Alexis has a spine indentation, ankle bones and you can tuck her hair behind her ears. These are some of the many outstanding features that make Alexis so real. Alexis fits into most standard 18" doll clothing as well as much of the Gotz clothing. Alexis is a dollfreind ® that can get wet, which is not equivalent to a bath toy or a pool toy. A bath or pool toy can sit in water for hours without any affects to the product. Alexis is not designed to sit in water for long periods of time-especially the eyes. Alexis can take a short bath, she can jump into a pool or dip under a wave at the beach but submersion must be limited and water must be removed from the eye sockets by using the blowing technique. Excessive water to the eyes will soften the glue that holds on the eye lashes casing them to shift or fall out. Please follow the limitations below: Limit under water submersion and water to the eyes. Never rub Alexis' eyes. Rubbing eyes can damage the eye lashes and the open close function of the eyes. Always remove water pooling in the eye sockets immediately by blowing the water out as discussed in the instructions included with your Alexis. Allow Alexis to dry before playing after water play. The eye lash glue needs to dry or re-harden if it had begun to soften. High Chlorine levels will loosen glue. Stay out of public pools or pools that have recently been treated with Chlorine. Float Alexis face up not face down. Water play comes with additional responsibilities. And always remember that Alexis can get wet---but is not a water toy. 3+

Additional Information

Certified Age Ages 3+
Brand Via-E
Doll Artist N/A
Best For Age N/A
Ethnicity N/A
Doll Height N/A
Doll Size No
Gotz Size No
Generic Size N/A

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