My Doll Best Friend is really excited to announce that we have worked in collaboration with one of our favourite brands, Gotz, to bring you a range of dolls with vinyl bodies that you can buy on the My Doll Best Friend website, choosing the eye and hair combination that you'd like (from a selection), with the clothing of your choice. Yes, it's possible to custom order your doll - from a selection!

This beautiful range is called Style Me! and it's exclusive to the retailer My Doll Best Friend, only otherwise available on the brand's website.

The dolls are 27cm/ 10.5" tall and you purchase the naked doll, and clothes and shoes to your taste. The dolls are the same as the Just Like Me dolls by Gotz, in that they're 27cm tall, have long rooted hair and have eyes that close. They can share clothes!

Take a look at our film to discover more about Style Me!

Many of these dolls make perfect gifts, and are bought on the basis of a doll chosen that looks most like their daughter, granddaughter, niece or friend because of the hair and eye colour options available.

Feedback from customers is that they are love to be able to choose a doll and clothing to co-ordinate with the child's look and favourite clothing style; perhaps even buy clothes for their doll similar to those hanging in the wardrobe - now this is possible!

Indeed this was the intention when Gotz initially launched their Just Like Me dolls who have the same face and body type, but come dressed in pre-specified Gotz clothing, which is very cute, but it's still always fantastic to be able to customise the look! The Style Me! and Just Like Me dolls can share the same clothing and accessories as each other. However something we're looking to include in the future is diversity of vinyl colouring, as there's just white skin tone vinyl at the moment. It used to be available in this size of doll. We hope the brown vinyl dolls will be available again soon, as we know you'd love to see them as part of Style Me!

Customise a beautiful doll for us to send to you, or as a gift for someone else!

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