Introducing Mariah… Our beautiful new Chosen doll!

Our lovely, limited-edition worldwide exclusive, My Doll Best Friend's response to your request for the dolls of your dreams to come true.

Gotz Happy Kidz Mariah our new Chosen doll of African heritage, a black doll with beauty and charm

You might remember that back in 2016 My Doll Best Friend partnered with Gotz to create two very special dolls. Perhaps you were even lucky enough to get your hands on one!

Two years ago we’d never have dared to dream that Rosie and Kitty, the first two members of our Chosen family, would be as popular as they’ve become. They sold out completely and are already very desirable- in some cases changing hands for as much as four times their original retail price just two years after release!

Of course we’re thrilled that people from all around the world are as much in love with our Chosen dolls as we are - and we were even more excited when the opportunity arose for My Doll Best Friend to work with Gotz on a second collaboration!

Mariah, the latest addition to the Chosen range, launches today - and isn’t she a beauty?



Beautiful Chosen Happy Kidz Mariah by Gotz for My Doll Best Friend

Mariah is a truly special doll, as the first African 9-jointed Happy Kidz doll to be made by Gotz.

She has dark brown eyes, specially chosen, which differs from the lighter hazel-brown eyes found in the Hannah and Happy Kidz dolls in the Gotz range. Her brown eyes are framed by painted feathered eyebrows and a row of real fibre eyelashes placed along the upper eyelid. Her eyes along with the natural tones of her cheeks and lips make Mariah look almost alive!

She has very dark brown gently tousled hair with a smooth texture. It's worn long with a centre parting and big curls at the end of the hair. Her rooted hair can be gently brushed, styled and washed.

Her clothing is designed and made by Gotz; from the sparkly reversible skirt to the lined green satin top with silver hearts, knit cardigan and opaque knit tights. Her black velvet party shoes feature ribbons and pom poms and add a touch of luxury, much like her attractive spiral black and white spotted hair accessory.

Mariah's body is the first ever brown vinyl 9-jointed Happy Kidz body type by Gotz! Mariah will appeal to parents looking for a  doll with African features and colouring, for slightly older children who enjoy the greater realism of a more poseable doll. She stands 50cm high and is best suited to children from age 7+ because of the full vinyl body and extra joints - although she has gained European safety accreditation for children age 3+ - so it will be the buyer's choice.

Mariah will be highly prized by adults too: sculpted by renowned German doll artist Hildegard Gunzel, and exquisitely made with a hand-crafted finish by Gotz, she's not to be missed!

She comes with a limitation certificate of authenticity numbered between 1 -250.

Mariah is a special doll in the context of black dolls as a whole because her face is a true African doll face: it is not a face used for caucasian dolls simply interpreted as black African through the use of brown vinyl. Instead, Mariah has a credible heritage having a face with African features.

Like our beloved Rosie and Kitty Chosen dolls, Mariah will be limited-edition and exclusive to My Doll Best Friend. Just 250 Mariah dolls will be made, and once they are sold out no more will be produced.


Our treasure...

Welcome to the Chosen family, beautiful Mariah- we are so proud to have you. Mariah was surely missing....she had to be Chosen.

Mariah is available exclusively from My Doll Best Friend and costs £99.98. Just 250 Mariah dolls will be available worldwide.