It is our great pleasure to introduce to our customers, Isla, the newest ravishing beauty to be created for the Chosen line.

Designed to My Doll Best Friend’s specifications, Isla shares the same face sculpt as previous sold out dolls, Angelika and Gabriele. With big brown eyes and vibrant red hair, Isla’s unique facial features will make her a much-desired addition to Chosen Gotz collections. There will only be 250 Gotz Happy Kidz Isla Limited Edition dolls in the world.

Isla will  be available exclusively through My Doll Best Friend and will cost £124.99.

Launch Date: 14 November 2019 2pm GMT

A vibrant red-haired beauty with lively expression, Isla will surely hypnotise doll lovers. Like predecessors Gabriele and Angelika, Isla’s beautiful face is the ‘Gotz Steiff’ face sculpt originally created for the brands’ covetable 2003 – 2006 collaborations.

Dressed for a summer’s day out with her friends, Isla wears cool white denim capri trousers, a loose pink floral short-sleeved blouse, and fabulous pink glitter and leopard print buckled sandals with a coral and pink silk flowers embellishment. Over her shoulder she wears a suede style tan drawstring bag.

Isla’s rooted, red hair is long, layered, glossy and styled in a new way for Gotz dolls. Her loose hair is kept away from her eyes with a braid that starts from a side parting, crowns the top of her head and finishes behind her ear. Her brown eyes have a poised, assured, kindly look. Isla stands 50cm high and is suitable for children aged 3 years old and upwards.

Isla is a thoroughly aspirational doll, created with love by My Doll Best Friend and Gotz.

My Doll Best Friend Chosen Gotz Happy Kidz Isla Promotional Image November 2019 White



Isla costs £124.99 and will be available exclusively from My Doll Best Friend on 14 November 2019 at 2pm GMT, until sold out.

About My Doll Best Friend’s Chosen doll range
In 2016 My Doll Best Friend partnered with Gotz to create the first dolls in our Chosen range, Rosie and Kitty. Then in October 2018, Mariah, the first African Happy Kidz doll ever produced by Gotz, was made for the Chosen family. In March 2019, Gabriele, the first doll with the prestigious “Gotz-Steiff” face was launched, alongside, Angelika, who was sold unnamed from a silhouette image and whose features mysteriously could not be seen. These five exclusive, unusual and beautiful dolls are now fully sold out and have become treasured members of many doll lovers’ collections.
For November 2019, we’ve added irresistible Isla to the Chosen family. We also look forward to future additions!

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About Gotz

Gotz is an exemplary doll brand famous for its high quality, beautifully designed and highly desirable dolls. A family business founded in 1950 in Germany, Gotz produces an award winning range of dolls for children, loved by adults and coveted the world over.

Launch Date: 14 November 2019 2pm GMT

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