The dolls at the Nuremberg Toy Fair this year were just stunning! At My Doll Best Friend we're only interested in the brands that really stand out as offering something very unique, and desirable. We carry a carefully sourced, impressive group of the very best (play and collector) dolls from around the world. The aim is to offer beautiful dolls for every budget so that children and grown ups may enjoy luxury they can afford.
 All the dolls we stock can stand unaided; they have healthy body attributes and childlike faces. All are made from quality vinyl, have poignant facial features, quality hair and they come wearing beautifully tailored clothing. The sizes range from 21cm - 60cm (8"-24"), and the dolls and clothing are made in Spain, Germany, France, Tunisia, Poland and China. We're very deliberate in selecting those dolls that will move you to emotion - everyone from a child to a grown up can love a doll, and we look across the world to find these very special dolls that will move and inspire you.
The Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany is very important terrain for new doll discoveries and for learning more about the brands, artists and creative processes behind the dolls. It's an occasion to communicate your expressed wishes too, and to feedback to the manufacturers directly what you comment here on this blog that you want to see from them next, so don't be shy - comment away!
There's always a wealth of information to be extracted at the fair - occasionally there are a few secrets that I'm told I must not mention, and a few stories I have to use my judgement not to re-tell - and that's as not fair on me as it is on you, honestly!!
In the days and weeks coming, there will be doll news from the fair from Sylvia Natterer at Petitcollin, Vestida de Azul, WeGirls, Paola Reina, Gotz, and Kidz 'n' Cats.
All to be expected as these fabulous brands exhibited at the fair, and are brands that we already stock.
However, there's also a very special UK exclusivity to tell you about - yes, we have a new range of vinyl children coming to My Doll Best Friend, called D'Nenes, from Spain, and we're going to be the only UK stockist of these ever so cute children! I wanted to gather them all up from the stand, and run away with new school of gorgeous dolls...ok, I will share them with you!
There's also another brand that is just too beautiful not to tell you about, though it is very expensive - so it's a case of  'just looking' for MDBF, but lovely to see, show you, and talk about, all the same - it's called Dr. Pongratz.
Another line of dolls from a brand called Antonio Juan is also a possibility for My Doll Best Friend, so I'd very much like to see if you think we should add it - there's a photo below and a feature to come.
That's about it: exciting stories, lots of photos and more will be shared with you on this blog very soon, and I hope very much that you enjoy the revelations.
First of all, here below, are some initial highlights from the fair:
NEW Gotz Happy Kidz Charlotte 2016 (50cm)
NEW Gotz Happy Kidz Clara 2016 (50cm)
Kidz 'n' Cats 2016 Dolls (46cm)
Kidz 'n' Cats Marina (46cm)
NEW Starlette - Coppelia (44cm) by Sylvia Natterer at Petitcollin
NEW Starlette - Tatiana (44cm) and Mona (34cm) by Sylvia Natterer at Petitcollin
NEW Gotz Happy Kidz Marie 2016 (50cm)
NEW Finouche - Brigitte and Lucie (48cm); Minouche Alba (34cm) and Finouche Melanie by Sylvia Natterer at Petitcollin


NEW Antonia Juan Bella Dolls (45cm)
Paola Reina Soy Tu Emma (42cm) - NEW!
NEW Gotz outfit for 2016 for 50cm dolls (just the outfit, not the doll)
Paola Reina Soy Tu Becky (42cm) - NEW!
Paola Reina Las Reinas Bride Alma (60cm) - NEW!
WeGirls Sara (46cm) in cute Winter clothes
WeGirls Angel (46cm) in raincoat
D'Nenes Vinyl Children (34cm) - Exclusive to My Doll Best Friend, in UK - NEW!
Vestida de Azul Paulina (33cm) - NEW!
Kidz 'n' Cats Niko NEW boy doll for 2016 (46cm) and Mini Kidz (21cm)
Kidz 'n' Cats Clarissa NEW 2016 doll (46cm) 
Vestida de Azul Paulina (33cm) and (NEW) Carlota (28cm) in NEW bathing costumes
Dr Pongratz Puppen (28cm) wooden dolls - Just to look at in an upcoming feature on the blog as we will not be stocking them, - they would retail at
c.£1,500 each
WeGirls Guardian (46cm) using the NEW baking set (coming this year)
Vestida de Azul NEW doll line, Coral (46cm-ish TBC)
New stock is arriving all the time - visit My Doll Best Friend to see if your favourite has already arrived!