kitty-flyer-printThey’ve only gone and done it again! We are delighted to be able to present our customers with another beautiful doll created by the master designers at Gotz. Only available at My Doll Best Friend, Kitty is the latest addition to the Chosen collection, and like Rosie, her predecessor, she has been made in response to requests from the fans. But only in limited numbers, so you will need to be first in the queue to be able to own so a rare and unique doll.

Kitty has been made with the most exquisite green eyes, especially sourced for such an important project, and extremely difficult to find with any other doll. These sparkling eyes will make Kitty stand out in a crowd of dolls, and ensure she is a connoisseur’s must have. A perfectly placed sprinkling of freckles and beautifully bouncy, layered blonde hair make for a doll that is completely captivating. Her expression is delicate and charming, and she has a nine-joint body, which paves the way for a whole host of new adventures with her next playmate.

As for her outfit, Kitty has been dressed to impress. It is a special time of year, after all, with Christmas on its way, and Kitty longs for trips to London, where she can visit the theatre, dine at posh restaurants and maybe even visit Buckingham Palace. Kitty is more than prepared to meet the Royal family, should the occasion arise. Whatever exciting plans may be ahead, Kitty is ready to start the story with you.

Each stunning detail has been carefully designed by Gotz artisans, who worked hard to craft another magnificent doll that would fit into the Chosen brand. Kitty is the result of hours of hard play, and has been described as an absolute delight to create. She is sure to bring the same amount of joy and happiness to anyone who is lucky enough to purchase her, with an appeal that spans all ages and cultures. Gotz dolls are renowned across the world, having built up an impressive reputation over the past 70 years, so we are expecting a demand that will far exceed the 250 dolls produced. On sale from December 2016, once Kitty is gone, she’s gone. We won’t be making any more, and probably never again will you find a doll with such captivating emerald-green eyes. Kitty is a real treasure, made to last a lifetime on the shelf, in the toy box or simply in your heart.

However, if the success of Chosen is an indicator of your love for an exceptional doll, then one day we may collaborate with a brand to create another beautiful doll.

Those of you that are ready and prepared will be able to purchase other limited edition dolls, but keep an eye on this blog, as we promise to let you know every time we release a new one.

In the meantime, let’s welcome Kitty to the My Doll Best Friend family. She is another Chosen one, after all.