I caught up with Heidi Plusczok at the Spring Festival again two years after I'd first met her there. The Internationaler Puppen Fruehling is a doll show open to the public over a weekend in April, and located in Muenster, Germany. Artists of collectable and reborn dolls meet the general public and sell directly to their collectors. In the opposite hall there's the teddy bear show where teddy artists and sellers meet and sell to their collectors.

It was bittersweet seeing Heidi this time. Nothing can beat meeting up with an artist whose work you love, seeing the fabulous dolls for yourself and of course buying favourites chosen from the table in front of you. Take a look at this fabulous collection of Heidi's dolls and enjoy the experience for a moment as if you were there too.


Heidi had brought 25-26cm dolls, 30cm dolls and some of the larger dolls she makes too, creating a beautiful display. Many dolls were very limited to collections ranging from 3 to 10. Furthermore there were one of a kinds, made specifically for the show.  Events like these are very important for artists as they often don't do much of any other kind of marketing, and of course it's not easy trying to make a living. Heidi staged the dolls in miniature gardens, some seated, some playing, and others unselfconsciously catching butterflies.

Heidi's English is really good, though she'll tell you when she was making collections she'd be travelling to USA several times a year and her English was much better then. A couple of years ago when Heidi turned seventy she stopped making the collections and started making the dolls in more limited numbers. When I complimented Heidi on how good her English is - English that she only learned through making her own dolls in later years - she humorously replied that she can only talk about dolls!

So why then was this precious moment so bittersweet?

As I said, in the last couple of years Heidi has stopped making the collections, and finally it seems she will stop making dolls altogether. The time must come when we all stop doing what we do. But it is unbelievably sad when someone whose work brings such joy must stop.

There will be one more small collection later this year, but for now enjoy what we have in the shop until they are all gone.