This is Julia in 2011 (red hair).


This beautiful doll brought about the existence of My Doll Best Friend. This Julia from the Gotz Precious Day collection completely sold out well in advance of Christmas. There seemed to be no other doll in the UK, quite so appealing to fill her place.  There were lots of dolls in other countries, but here there were just a few, if you looked very hard. After searching high and low for this doll (yes, every continent) I realised that more beautiful dolls had to be available in the UK for our children.

A trip to New York followed that Easter, to visit the American Girl doll store on Fifth Avenue and the Madame Alexander shop on the Upper West Side. It was fabulous to see girls walking around Manhattan holding dolls. A sight in that I'd never seen on the streets of London.
Since that trip, I've bought Julia and many more gorgeous dolls.  Gotz Happy Kidz (new collection from Gotz for 2012) are fabulous new dolls that you'll often find posing for our cameras!
I hope you very much enjoy the My Doll Best Friend online shop, blog,Facebook and other pages (coming soon!). Your comments will make this a better place!