It's half-term already for some schools so here are a few crafts to occupy an afternoon in a fun way and the best bit is that your dolls will have some great Halloween things at the end of it!

We're taking plain clothes you can buy in the My Doll Best Friend shop and spooking them up, with a bit of craft and imagination! We loved Doll Diaries pumpkin applique on their treat bags and that's where we got our inspiration from to jazz up the dolls plain clothes for Halloween.

We're also showing you how we made a decorative Halloween garland for the backdrop. You can see the bats flying overhead in the photo above!

First: Mix and match Halloween outfits. The beauty about these is that with a bit of imagination, fuzzy felt and  a few stitches you can design your own dolls Halloween costumes, and then at the end of Halloween, you can reverse it by snipping the stitches, removing the motifs and using the clothes for other projects or for your next year's Halloween designs. We'll be re-using the white long sleeved t-shirt for Christmas motifs nearer the time and we'll show you in a tutorial like this one so you can do the same!

Here's how the t-shirts look in the shop:

Here they are transformed with Halloween embellishments:

Spooky ghouls above and a witches hat and clogs below.

Here are two further ideas for motifs that we like to embellish plain dolls t-shirts!

Of course, if you'd like to make a pumpkin applique take a look at the Doll Diaries feature for ideas.

Plain soft fabric full tutus in witchy purple or black, as they are in the shop:

The black witchy tutu has been decorated with felt pumpkins below.

An alternative way to make the tutus your own is to sew on a few sparkly stars from a pack like this one that we found at Pounland. These sequins have holes in the centre to push the needle through and are ideal for adding detail to dolls clothes.

Perhaps you'd like to add this witch's hat?

While we're at it, we love all these additional witchy accessories:

  • Pink/green witchy hairpiece
  • black cat
  • pumpkin treat bag
  • purple shimmer shoes
  • black Mary Jane shoes


If you'd like to make a witch's no sew cloak, here's one we made last year for how, see the Halloween No Sew Witch's Cloak tutorial.

Just add glasses for a Harry Potter-esque look and maybe some cute skull and crossbones boots for fun like we did.

To set the scene for your dolls you might need to make a few things, afterall they need to be ready for the trick or treaters when they knock! Maybe your dolls are having their own Halloween party?

We made a spooky garland full of bats by cutting a bat shape and then stapling it to a piece of gift wrap ribbon.

Here's the result of our efforts from our crafting. What will you make?

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