Paris is a Gotz Signature Edition Happy Kidz doll arriving in Autumn 2017 and available for pre-order now.

Gotz Signature Edition signifies a doll that comes with more accessories than a standard doll in the Happy Kidz range. In previous years Aspen and "Sophie at Davos" were released as Signature Edition Gotz dolls.

My Doll Best Friend Gotz Happy Kidz Paris Doll Press Release:

Paris has curly blonde hair, grey-brown eyes, 9 joints and is part of the Happy Kidz range of dolls by Gotz. She's all vinyl and 50cm in height.

She comes with a white dog who might be called something chic and Parisian like "Montaigne", or comic book characterful like Snowy, after Tintin's dog.

The handbag doubles as a dog carry bag, and the little white dog wears a winter warmer to match Paris' elegant sweater dress.



Pre-orders open. To reserve a Gotz Paris doll, click PRE-ORDER to take you to the form.

Availability end-September 2017.