It's Autumn, and we're in Paris with Anna.

Between the Eiffel Tower to the north west and the École Militaire to the south east is the wonderful Parisian park of the Champ de Mars. Situated next to the Eiffel Tower, the park is as majestic and as beautiful as ever in the Autumn sunshine.  It's the sort of place that L.M. Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables might have stood and proclaimed, "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

Gotz Happy Kidz Signature Edition, Anna Loves Paris Doll

This morning, it's a beautiful bright, crisp morning, and the leaves are dry under Anna's new pink suede boots. The leaves range from soft yellows, through to burnt oranges, to browns; barely any are green now. Anna picks up a stick and throws it for her puppy to fetch. 

As the afternoon approaches leaves loosen themselves from the trees as they sense the loss of light. In preparation for the low temperatures and frigid winds to come, the trees continue their work to reduce themselves to their toughest parts—stems, trunks, branches, bark, in order to survive the winter. Fall takes place in  front of Anna's eyes and she marvels at the beauty of nature while her puppy playfully chases after squirrels, and darts towards birds that land for a moment to forage for worms in the ground.

Where could be more beautiful than Paris in Autumn?

Gotz Happy Kidz Signature Edition, Anna Loves Paris Doll

Anna Loves Paris, and she's not alone. Groups of artists are painting. People are enjoying picnics. Anna wonders if they will wait in the park for nightfall, as everyone knows it's a superb vantage point for watching the incredible firework displays at Eiffel Tower. She adjusts her pom pom decorated hairband and snuggles her hands into the sleeves of her warm Aran knit dress.

Gotz Happy Kidz Signature Edition, Anna Loves Paris Doll

Paris exists to remind you that you can live the dream.

It's why Anna loves Paris. It seems so much more beautiful in person than in photos, and it smells divine.

Anna pulls out her i-phone, turns so that the Eiffel tower is behind her and takes a photo so that she can dream of this moment forever.

Gotz Happy Kidz Signature Edition, Anna Loves Paris Doll


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