This year Gotz brought a beautiful Hannah doll out with a new theme and set of accessories. From the beginning of the year when we first saw photographs of Hannah At The Design Studio we could see that she was going to be popular, and when she arrived in June she immediately sold out. 


What makes this Hannah so special is that you don't just buy a gorgeous doll with set of accessories to play with, as you do with the other Gotz Hannah dolls, you buy a doll, accessories and a clothes pattern set for a big girl because great designers don't work alone, Hannah needs some help.

Hannah At The Design Studio Doll. This is a Gotz photo.
She has patterns for doll size leggings, a sleeveless tunic dress and a long sleeved t-shirt. She 3 pieces of fabric: pink jersey, pink and grey jersey, white cotton with pink, lilac and yellow flowers and butterflies. 

Here's a model (different doll) wearing Hannah's dress creation:

The dress can be made from the Hannah At The Design Studio Set. The denim jacket comes with the Hannah doll. The doll in the photo and the shoes are not inclused. This photo is a Gotz photo.

Here Hannah (from the Hannah At The Design Studio Set) is fitting the blouse she has made from the pattern and fabric included on her sewing dummy. She stands back to check the fit:

Gotz Hannah At The Design Studio. This is a Gotz photo.

There's a designer's sewing dummy (shown in the photo above) for her design studio and lots of essential sewing tools for her assistant designer to use to make the doll clothes:

  • sewing scissors
  • pins with coloured tops, easy to see in the fabric
  • a retractable tape measure on a keyring
  • a heart shaped pin cushion

These crafts sewing tools can all be stored in the clear plastic zip up bag with a pink fabric handle that Hannah has with her.

This is a Gotz photo of the sewing set.
Designers show their creations on the catwalk when their collection is ready. It's important to create the right hairstyle to complement the new designs. A computer disc is included with hair tutorials for the designer to study and experiment with. 

Hannah's ready for her catwalk experience now and she's packing her designs (see the two long sleeved t-shirts she has made hanging up?) into the Gotz Doll Carry Case for transporting to the show. The Carry Case is not included with the set but would make a very useful addition.

Hannah At The Design Studio and the Gotz Doll Carry Case. This is a Gotz photo.

That's how great new designers get the right look on the catwalk in London Fashion Week!

Hannah At The Design Studio from Gotz is an inspirational toy for creativity and learning through play. If imagination is the essence of toys then we believe this is one of the best toys available this Christmas.