At this time of year the very popular Gotz collections start to sell out and the shelves previously occupied by lots of dolls pre-Christmas get a bit empty looking. The shop website shows lots of red 'out of stock' lines and as the final beauties leave I feel 'empty nest syndrome'. Granted that is usually applied to when the children leave home but it can be a bit like that when the dolls are retired and the very last ones are posted to their new homes. There's always hope that the collection that replaces the current one will be just as gorgeous but still with no 2014 catalogue from Gotz, it can't be confirmed. These beautiful dolls have been here to admire everyday for a year and that is a luxury that is about to come to an end.
Happy Kidz Emily and Classic Kidz Luisa from Gotz are two dolls I very much hope to see again- and like everyone else I don't know if they will be available in 2014 wearing different outfits or if they will be retired to make way for other eye, hair and face mould doll combinations. 

Emily (above on the left) has the hairstyle of Classic Kidz Lena 2013 and Happy Kidz Anna 2012. It is layered at the sides and back and falls to mid back length.

Classic Kidz Luisa (above) has the same face paint as Emily but her parting is on the left side and her hair is slightly longer, much like Happy Kidz Emily 2012. 

Both dolls share the same face mould, sculpted by Hildegard Gunzel and first introduced by Gotz in 2012.

Their heads can be tilted and they have additional knee and elbow joints making them very poseable and realistic. Their bodies are full vinyl and their hair is rooted.

They have inset eyes with lashes and their face paint is very natural.