Gotz celebrated 60 years at the Spielwarenmesse this year!  Isn't it a magnificent accomplishment for a family to have led the doll business in Europe for more than six decades and remain privately owned? Gotz does not brag about its innovations and its compelling place in doll history, or its leading role in today's children's doll market.

Contrast the sobriety of Gotz's success with the frivolity we see in the clothing of the 2018 doll collection and you might be amused at the seeming contradiction: but it's its winning formula. Gotz stands for integrity in children's toys and in business partnerships; consistently good value, and lots of humour and playfulness. It's why children and adults love Gotz dolls so much!

Spring was in the air at Gotz's Hall 1 booth, with beautiful ladybugs (formerly known as ladybirds) and attractive bees. So popular has Hannah as a Ladybug turned out to be since she arrived on our virtual shelves, that we might have lost the word 'ladybird' from the English language forever!

Lucia the Bee is just as cute with her bee bopper antennae headpiece. I think I wore bee boppers and ra-ra skirts in the early 1980's but far from picking something old-fashioned, they've picked something timeless and made it interesting. That's why there is humour. Just click any of the images to enlarge them.

Unicorns are huge on the high street this year.  All the supermarkets and chain clothing stores are carrying whimsical unicorn embellished slogan-bearing tops, bags, slippers, pyjamas and of course onesies - and they're not just for children.  This unicorn onesie is so cute and we have it in three sizes.

This unicorn outfit worn by Hannah is very pretty and doubles up as something suitable to wear for ballet.

Later in the year you can look forward to a unicorn Just Like Me doll, plus a fairy castle! Spot the unicorn Just Like Me doll in the left of the photo.

The fairy castle has space for a unicorn stable and living quarters for dolls above. It comes flat-packed for home assembly which should mean that we can send it to international customers easily. The dolls that can live in this magical home are 27cm Just Like Me and 33cm Muffins, and the stable is for the smaller horses. There will be a smaller unicorn coming soon too! It is pictured below. Click the pictures to enlarge them.