Gabriele is the newest addition to the My Doll Best Friend Chosen doll range; created to My Doll Best Friend’s specifications, Gabriele’s face is crafted using the iconic Gotz ‘Steiff mould’, designed by internationally acclaimed doll artist Hildegard Gunzel; Just 250 Gabriele dolls have been made.
No more will be produced; Gabriele is available exclusively through My Doll Best Friend and costs £119.99.

Launch Date: 13 March 2019 12pm (midday) GMT

Chosen Gotz Happy Kidz Gabriele doll limited edition 250 exclusive to My Doll Best Friend

My Doll Best Friend is thrilled to announce the release of Gabriele, the latest member of our Chosen family.
A bright-haired beauty with a striking, intelligent expression and stunning green and silver outfit, Gabriele is a truly special doll sure to captivate playful children and adult enthusiasts alike.
Created with love by My Doll Best Friend and Gotz, Gabriele is not only elegant and lovely - her unique features mean she’s also set to become highly collectible. Gabriele’s beautiful face is sculpted from the iconic Gotz ‘Steiff mould’ used for the brands’ covetable 2003 - 2006 collaborations, designed by internationally acclaimed doll artist Hildegard Gunzel.

For the first time a doll with this exquisite, engaging face will come with a nine-jointed body, like those of Gotz’s Happy Kidz dolls. Previous Gotz / Steiff dolls were less flexible, and this step forward means Gabriele opens the door for more complex, creative play. Gabriele’s rooted, flame-red hair is glossy and gorgeous - ideal for combing, styling and washing. Her grey-blue eyes have an extraordinarily thoughtful look, and her Gotz-designed dress, belt, tights, shoes and hair accessory mean she’s perfectly dressed for a party. Gabriele stands 50cm high and is suitable for children aged 3+. She’s designed to inspire a lifetime of love whether she lives on a shelf, in the toy box or as part of your carefully doll curated collection.

Chosen Gotz Happy Kidz Gabriele exclusive to My Doll Best Friend and limited to 250 worldwide

My Doll Best Friend founder Maxine Harvey says: “Gabriele is such a special doll and I’m incredibly excited to share her with the world. It’s been wonderful to work with Gotz on this delightful, distinctive addition to our Chosen range, and I can’t wait to see the joy that Gabriele brings to all the people lucky enough to have her.”

While Gotz dolls are typically produced in small numbers, Gabriele will be made in an even more limited run of just 250. No additional Gabriele dolls will be produced once she has sold out.

Gabriele costs £119.99 and is available exclusively from My Doll Best Friend.

Chosen Gotz Happy Kidz Gabriele doll limited edition 250 exclusive to My Doll Best Friend

About My Doll Best Friend’s Chosen doll range
Back in 2016 My Doll Best Friend partnered with Gotz to create the first dolls in our Chosen range, Rosie and Kitty. Then in October 2018 Mariah, the first African Happy Kidz doll ever made by Gotz, was made for the Chosen family. These three exclusive, unusual and beautiful dolls are now fully sold out and have become treasured members of many doll lovers’ collections.
For Spring 2019, we’ve added gorgeous Gabriele to the Chosen family. We also look forward to future additions!

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About Gotz
Gotz is an iconic German doll brand famous for its high quality, beautifully designed and always-desirable dolls. A family business founded in 1950, Gotz now produces thousands of dolls and accessories
each year in locations throughout the world.


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