Frequently Asked Questions


Our FAQs have been put together based on our wealth of experience of running an online doll business since 2012. We serve UK and many international countries so we have answered most questions you might think of. If you cannot find the answer, please contact CUSTOMER SERVICE and we'll be glad to help during weekdays.


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Do you ship internationally?

We ship internationally every business day throughout the year, except Bank Holidays and during our advertised closed dates over the Christmas and New Year period. 

Do you ship to my overseas shipping location?

You will find a list of countries we ship to here with example shipping prices. Alternatively, add an item to your basket and proceed to checkout. A shipping price will be added to your shopping basket if we ship to your location.

How much will shipping cost to my location?

This depends on what is in your basket, and where you want it to be shipped. The best way to check how much it will cost for what you want to be sent to you is to add it to your shopping basket and proceed to checkout. A shipping price will be added to your shopping basket based on the weight and dimensions of the final parcel when you enter your shipping country.

Can you repackage my items to save me shipping cost?

We do not repackage any items. All items are shipped inside their original manufacturer's display packaging, and then within one or two plain brown shipping boxes.

Why can I see "Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time." on the checkout page?

Your basket is too heavy! Imagine if a customer put everything on the website in their basket and tried to checkout! Solve this dilemma by adding a sensible amount of items and refreshing the browser. A shipping price will be offered when the basket is within the weight allowance. Typically we can ship up to 5 dolls in one order, to give you an example.


How much is this doll in USD, EUR? Why does my invoice state one amount and my bank charge me more?

Our prices are in GBP £ British pound sterling. Any prices you see in other currencies are just direct rate exchanges taken from Google Finance at 2.30am on a daily basis. There will be additional charges that your bank will make as they will use a less advantageous currency exchange rate in order to make their profit, so you will pay more than you see on our website.

At the very top of the website there is a grey stripe. In the grey stripe is a currency symbol. Click this. Now you see currency options. There is £, $ and Euro. Remember, these conversions are guides and not the amount you will pay. Payment is in British pounds. You will see the amount you will pay before you submit your order. 

Do you offer layaway?

IWe offer layaway. Please read about our layaway here. Any agreed layaway finishes on 1st December each year. No plan is carried over until the next year.


Do you take telephone orders?

We regret we do not take any telephone orders due to the extensive online nature of this business. If you are having any difficulties with online payment please send an email to our Customer Service team who will be happy to help quickly. Please allow for any difference in time zones where applicable.

I placed an order online, but now I've thought of somthing I'd like to add, what should I do?

If your order hasn't shipped yet it might be possible for us to add something to the parcel. We recommend that you first email us as quickly as possible with your name, order number and name of additional item that you would like. If it is possible we will hold your original order whilst we reply to you and make arrangements. We will ask for you to place an online order for the extra item and refund postage on the second order, or make a partial refund if the extra item will increase the original shipping cost. We do not add items to existing orders via email communication; all additional items must be ordered and paid for through the website. This keeps the stock inventory accurate 24/7 which is important for customers buying throughout the world, and in different time zones. Sometimes it is too late for us to add an item, or it significantly changes the customs documentation and shipping cost that we may refuse to do this. Please kindly understand. We will advise you what to do in the event we cannot add an extra item to the order.

I ordered a pdf knitting or sewing pattern and I haven't received it.

We have written a separate Patterns FAQ, please click here.


Can I write to you in a non-English language? Can I create my order using a non-English alphabet?

We use the English language and Customer Service will only reply in English. Only write on the website pages and checkout page in the English language. Do not use any symbols!

The order will fail and we will not receive payment if you use a non-English alphabet.

All correspondence and shipping addresses must be typed in English, and in the English alphabet.

I cannot log in to My Account, what should I do?

What you need to do is make your browser 'forget' it knows the website. The old cookies are stopping you from logging in, adding items to your cart and moving from one page to the next - that sort of thing. 

You will need to 'clear your cache' and delete the cookies. After that open a new window and search for My Doll Best Friend. 

If it doesn't immediately work as it should then just allow 15 minutes to an hour and there should be no problem shopping on the site. It gives time for new cookies to be allowed on your device. Alternatively, access from a device where you haven't bookmarked the website/ or where the cache isn't storing out of date cookies.

Further explanation is here: Trouble Logging In guide (click here).  Access is regained usually quite quickly.

I am trying to place an online order and I am receiving an error message/ the order is not completing. What should I do?

If we don't have other errors reported of the type you refer to and are unable to replicate the problem you are experiencing, it is likely to be only at the user end. 

Some trouble shooting tips you can try are:

  • close the window down and open it up in a new browser
  • try a different browser, for example Chrome or Firefox...
  • reboot the computer
  • try to place the order on a different device

Google search gives information regarding specific error codes you can usually find out more detailed information, and often what needs to be done by typing the error code into Google.

If you wish to contact us with your concern, please include the following information:

1. What operating system are you using (windows, Apple, etc)
2. What version of operating system are you using (windows 10.0.1 for example)
3. What Internet Browser are you using (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc)
4. What version is your internet Browser.
5.  Are you using a Laptop, Tablet or mobile device, if so which one.
6. What were you doing when the error occurred
7. Try rebooting your device, refreshing your browser, do you still get the same error.
8. What payment method are you trying.

I would like to contribute to the forum. How do I become a participant?

Open an account on the website. Log in to the account and head over to the forum or blog to comment. If you have any difficulty making a comment change your password. You will be able to change it back to your first choice once you gain access. The reason why you might need to go through the process of changing your password is because the shop site is built in Magento and the blog/forum site is built in Wordpress. Effectively there are two platforms working together but both will require an inital log in. After you have done this you should never need to do it again and will be able to move freely around the whole website.


Can I see the dolls or can I visit your shop?

My Doll Best Friend is an internet-only business. We do not have shop premises where products can be viewed and purchased. Stock is warehoused, so with regret any viewing or photographing of items is not possible.

Can I talk to someone for advice about dolls?

By all means give us a try! We take calls and answer as we can, but specialist doll consultation is not something we promote as being available all the time. The best person to have the conversation with might be unavailable at the time your call. Our friendly receptionist will ensure that you do not go through to voicemail between 8.30am and 6pm Monday to Friday, and will happily take your  message if no one is available. Please give them your name and email address so that we can reply to you. Giving them an order number also helps us enormously!

Can I buy a doll that I do not see on the website?

There is a pre-order form for all dolls that can be ordered in if they are not listed as available on the website, and you will find the pre-order form here: Pre-Order Form. If the form is unavailable when you click the link, then we have no dolls available for pre-order.

Can you help me identify or value an existing doll in my collection, or will you buy it from me?

We do not offer any of these services. Facebook doll groups, Ebay and doll auction sites may provide you with the information you seek. Good luck!

Can you repair my doll? Do you know of a doll hospital?

If you purchased your doll from My Doll Best Friend then please contact Customer Service. Otherwise we regret to inform you that we do not offer a doll repair service, and therefore we cannot repair your doll or send it away to be repaired, even if we offer the same doll brand. Currently we do not know of a doll hospital to recommend, but this section will be updated if we find somewhere reliable for you to send your doll for repair.

There was a doll on the website but now I can't see it, why is that?

If a doll is no longer in stock it will be hidden from the website as we do not allow out of stock items to show up in search results. As soon stock is added to the inventory the product listing will pop up on the website again!