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    Pat Holness

    Happy new year ladies.

    Just wanted to let you know, I am not going to be active on the forum any more, I have problems with things on the forum and best I leave,.
    Take care and stay safe.

    Andrea Wood

    I posted a reply in the other thread, but I have to mention just how cute your Willow is Jean! Adorable!

    Ginny Revell

    Aha! Things seem to be working again! Happy new year, everyone!

    Peggy, Pippa’s bedtime outfit is so sweet. She looks really cute. As to the trailer, I’m thinking that Mariah is explaining something to Pippa about what goes on in bathrooms? But maybe not about cleaning teeth since the dolls can’t open their mouths. Ha ha! Although she could be explaining that children need to clean their teeth…

    That sweater’s great, Ann. A real winter warmer. I’d like one myself!

    Hello, Jean. Willow is a sweetie, but she looks very summery! Good to see some flowers and think that they will come again.

    Jean Gregory Wild

    Willow in the garden

    Ann Belcham

    She is gorgeous Pat.

    I can’t post pictures on the Sewing one either. I’m trying it here. It fits the Gotz dolls also.

    Knit Sweater

    Peggy Stuart

    I’m posting links to the past two stories, in case anyone missed them. We’ll see if it posts.
    Last week’s:
    This week’s:
    Also, the book is available for preorder on Amazon in the US, UK and Germany.

    Ann Belcham

    This is a sweater I knit for the American Girl dolls but it also fit the Gotz dolls.



    Peggy Stuart

    Yay! It worked! Here’s my PJ pattern for Pippa and Little Kidz:
    The pattern on Ravelry includes the knitted nightcap and sewn pajamas.

    Now, who has the Little Kidz already? I’m so out-of-date here.

    Also, the book will be out Tuesday. It’s available on Amazon in the UK and Canada, as well as in the US. (Off to look at the clothes!)

    Peggy Stuart

    Ginny, it didn’t work when I first did it, but it shows up now. I see your comment is from today, so maybe things are working OK. Just in case, here’s the link to Friday’s story:

    Here’s the trailer for this week’s story. I’ve been just attaching the photo, the way I did in the past.

    Peggy Stuart

    I see that if there is a “reply” button, I can reply. I posted the “trailer” in the sewing/knitting thread. Here’s Pippa in her jammies with her bear. The pattern is here:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 2,533 total)
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