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    Ginny Revell

    Great idea for a new thread – thanks for setting it up, Pam and thanks for all the hair-cutting tips and photos, Peggy.

    I’m too much of a scaredy-cat to go in for any major customisation – though come to think of it, I did change Nadja (a girl) into Toby – but with much trepidation!

    It will be interesting to see what else people might do.

    Pamela Elliott

    Peggy, thanks so much for taking the time to post how you cut the boys’ hair. It is really helpful as well as interesting.
    Your photos explain it all very well. Both your boys look great and your stories are definitely better for having the boys as well as the girls.
    Thanks for posting.

    Peggy Stuart

    Part Two of boys’ haircut:
    I worked my way around the head, starting with the bottom layer of roots. I held each section between two fingers to make sure the lengths were more or less the same.
    (I should note that this is very messy, so put a towel or newspaper down to catch the cut hair. Don’t use plastic. The hair will cling to it…and your hands.) I continued with the layers until the whole thing was done.
    I trimmed the front to just above the eyebrows.
    When I was happy with the length overall, I put on the rubber band.
    The hair is heavier in the front and will not stick up as much as the sides, but you can put a knitted cap over the whole thing while it dries. If you want the part to be more evident in front, as with Emil, separate the bangs/fringe before covering it with the cap. For Billy’s, I combed the wet hair straight down and then put on the cap.

    Peggy Stuart

    I customized Lily in London and Emilia to be boys by cutting the rooted hair. I will probably be tweaking the cut as I notice uneven areas as the hair moves around during activities and I notice things that need fixing.
    The big challenge is around the edges, because the hair “grows” straight out of the roots. It’s important to 1) leave about 1/2 inch or more, and 2) fasten it down snugly while wet and allow it to dry against the head. (I used a rubber band, going around the back of the head at the very bottom, over the ears and then under the nose, to keep it off the eyes. Emil’s glasses hold the hair in place, because I have a rubber band around the back. When Billy isn’t going to be “working” for a time, I put the rubber band back on. I’ll find out, I’m sure, if this is really needed. It may not go out of shape as long as it doesn’t get wet again.
    First I washed the hair. I cut it wet. I cut the hair in sections, doing one row of roots at a time, starting with the bottom row at the back. Then I worked around the head, making sure the hair was long enough to cover the space between the rows of roots.

    Pamela Elliott

    This thread is for anyone who wants to post about dolls they have adapted or customized in any way. If you can add details or photos of what you did or how to do things, that would be great. Also details of products needed if that is relevant.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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