A very grey, grisly morning in London cheered up enormously by the arrival of a beautiful Aletta Kidz n Cats Wish Doll. This must be the one of the thirty-one My Doll Best Friend ordered and it wasn't the one I'd reserved for myself - that was a brown eyed dark brown haired Aletta - but as the thirty other Aletta dolls are still on their way from Berlin (via the somewhat lackadaisical Frankfurt sorting office) and as I have a few spare of various combinations - oh, and as she's very beautiful she has become MINE!
This Aletta is special for lots of reasons. She's the first doll that Kidz n Cats have made at their new factory - the fourth factory since 2009, I think. She's also only the second doll to have this face mould and the other doll was also a Limited Edition Wish Doll: Henriette - so in short supply. Her face paint is subtle, her hair is thick and beautiful and her knee joints are excellent. She can sit down with her knees bent naturally. She was well secured in the box, has Sonja Hartmann's signature and limited edition number on the back of her neck- comes with her Aletta Certificate of Authenticity which has her number out of 300 written in it. Lots of very average photos of a beautiful blue eyed brown haired Aletta coming up:
















There will be another post about Aletta when she arrives in other combinations in the next day or two. If you would like to buy an Aletta doll you can do so from My Doll Best Friend for £124.99 which includes free UK mainland postage and Loyalty Points! There's an extra outfit that can only be purchased at the same time as Aletta in white the same as she is wearing in the photos above - and less than 300 of these have been made - so secure your limited edition doll and special extra outfit early as they will sell out.
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