It was Christmas Eve and Anna (Gotz Happy Kidz) and Laura (Gotz Classic Kidz) burst into their house after returning from Midnight mass so excited! They'd spent the whole month talking about the presents they really wanted to unwrap on Christmas morning - and now that moment was so near.

So excited coming home from Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve

They wanted to go bed early because the only thing they could think about was waking up on Christmas morning and finding presents under the tree.

Before going to bed they had a little supper so that they wouldn't wake up excited and supposedly 'hungry' in the night.

Once in their bedroom they jumped into their bunks.  Mum gave each a kiss, wished them sweet dreams and turned off the light as she left. Little by little the girls drifted off into deep sleep.

Mum tucked the girls up and wished them sweet dreams

Laura opened her eyes, it was Christmas morning already. She woke her sister up and together they ran to the living room where the Christmas tree was, but when they got there they realised there were no presents at all!

"Where are our presents, Anna?" asked Laura.

Father Christmas must have forgotten to visit their home with gifts. Or, could it be perhaps that they had not been good enough girls all year....

They both felt very upset as they thought through these possibilities.

 Laura and Anna by the empty tree

Laura felt someone shaking her arm and she woke up with an odd feeling. She wondered what was happening as she thought she was already awake.
When she opened her eyes and saw Anna she realised that she'd had a terrible nightmare!

The girls ran to the living room and saw all the presents under the tree. He had visited them!

Father Christmas left lots of presents!

As they opened their presents Laura and Anna felt very happy because Father Christmas had rewarded them for their good behaviour throughout the year and now they had lots of nice new toys and clothes to enjoy.

Lots of nice new toys to play with

They spent all morning playing with their new teddies and trying on the clothes and then just before lunchtime the girls got dressed in special Christmas Day clothes for the family's Christmas dinner of turkey and all the trimmings. They had invited their whole family to come for lunch.

Christmas Day lunch with all the family

They had no sooner got dressed than the doorbell rang. Their family guests were arriving and it was going to be a fabulous Christmas Day.