We are very excited because we have 7 NEW and EXCLUSIVE versions of existing Paola Reina #dolls to offer you at My Doll Best Friend only!!!

This order was been inspired by one of our lovely customers who asked if it might be possible to order some Las Reinas dolls without the fringe (bangs) cut into their hairstyle. We were both delighted when Paola Reina agreed to this request. Such is the beauty of a small independent boutique factory in the heart of Europe!

The three dolls we have that are offered different to the 2015 catalogue versions are Sandra, Sharif and Alma and between them there are 7 new variations available right now at My Doll Best Friend.

These dolls are known as Las Reinas dolls - which translates to Queens, probably named so because of their size - for me they have the perceived beauty of queens. If you love a quality big doll, you need look no further!

At 60cm or 24" tall Paola Reina Las Reinas dolls are an excellent price, at £74.99 as most larger dolls retail for a lot more. Our exclusives also share this standard price!

Proudly 100% made in Spain, and more specifically made to order, they come directly from the factory floor approximately 4 weeks after the order is placed. This means that they are environmentally friendly as supply equals demand - so no waste, and they don't travel half way around the world before they reach their first customers. Added to this of course is that Paola Reina is a business that supports European manufacturing and it's a sector that desperately needs our European support as the economic strength of Asia and India increases.

Our exclusives:

First there's Sandra in a prairie skirt outfit. Her hairstyle is different to the one Sandra usually wears - this Sandra has a middle parting and no fringe.

Then we have Sandra wearing the customary purple Sandra outfit, available with the centre parting and no fringe made to our specification. The third Sandra is without clothing and at the price of £49.99.

We also have Sharif without clothing. In addition, we have Sharif with customised hairstyle of centre parting, no fringe and a gorgeous colourful dress. Finally, there's Sharif in her pink and grey clothing, hair centre parted, no fringe.

Additionally, there's Alma customised with no fringe and a centre parting.

Take a look at all these new dolls available at My Doll Best Friend.

Sandra in the prairie skirt outfit and with customised hairstyle.





Sandra in the Sandra clothing with customised hairstyle.







Sharif nude.






Sharif in colourful dress with customised hairstyle.






Sharif in pink and grey with customised hairstyle.
Finally, Alma with customised hairstyle.




All these new Paola Reina dolls are available now, and we have clothes and shoes to to fit them in stock, with further items to follow.
These dolls are very special and we're grateful to Paola Reina for the very individual service they give to My Doll Best Friend, and most of all for the opportunity to offer our customers these exceptionally high quality European dolls, made for children but enjoyed by all ages.
What do you think of the customised Las Reinas, also thoughts on Paola Reina?

Would love to read your comments!