It is hard to believe that it's almost 2 years since our Chosen Gotz Happy Kidz Mariah doll was released. As an African Happy Kidz doll we knew she was special, and it seems so did you. Customers from everywhere came to our online shop in search of this stunning black doll with the soulful dark brown eyes. There was a loud cry for more Mariah dolls when all quickly sold out. Each Chosen edition is limited, and so there could be no more Mariah. However, two years later and the chocolate eyes are back with a new hairstyle, clothing and a slightly warmer shade of brown vinyl!

With a side swept parting, hair pinned away from the eyes with a pink hairclip, Honor makes her entrance. She's dressed in a a fringed faux suede jacket thrown over a lilac boho pintucked blouse. Casual floral pink trousers tuck into purple faux suede shearling ankle boots. Honor is quite the unassuming beauty, content to dress for comfort and fun, with not the slightest awareness of the attention she draws.

Honor is made of vinyl and has the 9-jointed Happy Kidz body type.  This Gotz doll is perfect for children from age 7+ but will no doubt fall quickly into the hands of many collectors, such is her limitation and appeal. She stands 50cm high and has curves at the hips and chest, but retains her youthful roundness over the stomach. Honor easily passes for a child of 9-11.

Honor comes with a limitation certificate of authenticity numbered between 1 -250.

If you would like to register for one of the 250 Honor dolls please complete the registration form. Click HERE

Don't forget to watch the film above for all the information! Subtitles are available on You Tube.

Introducing our Fabulous Chosen Gotz Exclusive Doll Knickers

These are perfect for the Chosen Gotz dolls  with the special embroidered logo on the front, the pretty colours and decorative elastic trims. Made in Gotz Happy Kidz XL, 50cm size they will fit all Happy Kidz, Hannah and Precious Day dolls, though we just love them for the Chosen girls!

Of course these Gotz doll knickers are exclusive to My Doll Best Friend. We have limited stock and each pack consists of 4 pairs of knickers: white, pale blue-green, lilac and pink.


The Chosen doll knickers will be on sale with Honor, and subsequently too, while stocks last.