Are you looking for an alternative to chocolate this Easter? Perhaps there will be enough chocolate in the house already, or maybe someone can't eat chocolate (or shouldn't!). We have some Easter gift alternatives that will make perfect treats. They also make great little prizes for your own special Easter Egg Hunt at home. What's best about inedible Easter gifts is it gives children something to play with in the Easter holidays, and it won't ruin their appetites!
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Baby Doll Size
  1. 30-33cm (3)
  2. 35-36cm (1)
  3. 37-41cm (8)
  4. 42cm+ (7)
  5. 45-50cm (6)
Child Doll Size
  1. 25-29cm (3)
  2. 30-34cm (1)
  3. 35-38cm (1)
  4. 39-44cm (2)
  5. 45-50cm (5)
  6. 51-52cm (1)