Group 1

Wagner German leather handmade doll shoes and boots in Group 1 will - in the majority of cases - fit the dolls in the group, but due to variations in foot shape and shoe and boot fastenings, they may not fit, so we strongly recommend you check on the individual product page for a match with the doll.

  • Ruby Red Galleria Fashion Friends 36cm
  • Rosemarie Muller 26cm
  • Kathe Kruse La Bella 36cm
  • Vestida de Azul Paulina 33cm
  • Gotz Winter Lisa 36cm
  • Schildkrot Lisa Frieske 28cm
  • D'Nenes Marieta 36cm
  • Petitcollin Bibichou 35cm

Check individual product listing page as some styles may not fit all dolls.

Group 1

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