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  1. Djeco Figurine 12items
  2. Djeco Arty Toys Princess 8cm 6items
  3. Ruby Red Ten Ping, Gigi 20cm 1item
  4. Fun In Faith 21cm Doll 33items
  5. Kidz 'n' Cats 21cm Doll 23items
  6. Heless Lili 22cm 6items
  7. Gotz Mini 22cm 10items
  8. Inspired Natural Kidz 21cm Doll 17items
  9. Kruselings 23cm 33items
  10. Gabriele Muller 23cm dolls 8items
  11. Boneka 24cm Doll 28items
  12. Heidi Plusczok 26cm Doll 23items
  13. Wichtel 26cm Doll 3items
  14. Gotz Just Like Me 27cm Doll XXS 24items
  15. Petitcollin Minette 27cm Doll 12items
  16. Petitcollin Anibabies 28cm 2items
  17. Vestida Carlota 28cm Doll 47items
  18. Petitcollin 28cm Petit Calin doll 15items
  19. Petitcollin 28cm Petit Calin 21items
  20. Vestida Tommy & Olivia 28cm Dolls 16items
  21. Schildkrot My First Baby 28cm 14items
  22. Ciao Bimba Mini Bambina 29cm 15items
  23. Schildkrot Bath Baby 30cm 15items
  24. ICY Dolls 30cm Angela dolls 5items
  25. Heidi Plusczok 30cm Doll 9items
  26. Le Petit Tom Dolly 30cm dolls 4items
  27. Kathe Kruse Mini Bambini 32cm Dolls 13items
  28. Paola Reina Las Amigas 32cm Doll 4items
  29. Heless Lotti 32cm 14items
  30. Kathe Kruse Planscherle 30cm Dolls 15items
  31. Wichtel 30-32cm Doll 40items
  32. Schildkrot Schlummerle 32cm 28items
  33. Vestida Paulina 33cm Doll 42items
  34. Maru Mini Pal 33cm Doll 43items
  35. Petitcollin Minouche 34cm Doll 42items
  36. Llorens Baby Doll 35cm 16items
  37. Llorens Elena 35cm Dolls 33items
  38. Wichtel 35cm Doll 15items
  39. Zwergnase Junior 35cm 14items
  40. Ruby Red Fashion Friends 36cm 32items
  41. Llorens Baby Dolls 36-45cm 41items
  42. Petitcollin 35cm Bibichou Doll 26items
  43. D'Nenes Marieta 36cm Doll 24items
  44. Gotz Little Kidz 36cm 24items
  45. Paola Reina Blanditas 36cm 10items
  46. Petitcollin 36cm Petit Calin Doll 3items
  47. Llorens Olivia 37cm Articulated dolls 12items
  48. Schildkrot 37cm Lenchen & Schlenkerle 46items
  49. Vestida 38cm Baby Dolls 33items
  50. Kathe Kruse Gluckskind 40cm Dolls 37items
  51. Llorens Martina 40cm Dolls 54items
  52. Petitcollin Francette/ Marie-Francoise 40cm 6items
  53. CIao Bimba 40cm Dolls 63items
  54. Schildkrot Drink & Wet Baby 40cm 25items
  55. Paola Reina Soy Tu 42cm Doll 78items
  56. Llorens 42cm Articulated Dolls 79items
  57. Kathe Kruse La Bella 42cm 16items
  58. Petitcollin Starlette 44cm Doll 74items
  59. Vestida Coral 45cm Doll 128items
  60. Vestida Marina & Tonino 45cm 19items
  61. Zwergnase Junior 45cm 25items
  62. Fun In Faith 46cm Doll 191items
  63. Inspired 46cm Doll 1item
  64. Kidz 'n' Cats 46cm Doll 205items
  65. Natural Kidz 46cm Doll 3items
  66. Gotz Precious Day 46cm XL 311items
  67. Schildkrot Yella 46cm 12items
  68. Gotz Baby Doll 30-33cm S, Aquini, Sleepy Aquini, Cosy Aquini, Muffin 68items
  69. Gotz Baby Doll 42-46cm M, Maxy Muffin, Maxy Aquini 116items
  70. Schildkrot Baby/Toddlers 45cm 43items
  71. Carpatina 46cm Doll 101items
  72. WeGirls 46cm Doll 132items
  73. American Girl Doll 46cm 230items
  74. Petitcollin Finouche 48cm Doll 91items
  75. Gotz Baby Doll, Cookie, 48-50cm L 32items
  76. Gotz Hannah 50cm Doll XL 286items
  77. Gotz Happy Kidz 50cm Doll XL 284items
  78. Maru & Friends 52cm Doll 102items
  79. Zwergnase Junior 50cm 32items
  80. My Ballerina Dollz 53cm Doll 2items
  81. Kathe Kruse Lolle 55cm Dolls 4items

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