For many of our loyal customers, you may have started to see a few changes around here! During this past year, at My Doll Best Friend we have been both proactive and reactive. Our dynamic team has listened to your requests to know what you most want and our exciting new website launch with its diverse, interactive new features is now ready for a simpler and more fun shopping experience.

Even as a little girl, I had a strong love for dolls. My bedroom was filled with teddies and toys; my favourite doll would always be near me. After several years my toy collection grew, and I would move my toys around my bedroom to make the most of the little space where I played. After a while, I found things were not fitting into place as they once did. The designer in me needed to think creatively and wisely, looking for new places to sit my possessions proudly, and to find that essential space to play.

I developed a philosophy that I still live by today.

“Creativity is uplifting, designing things is fulfilling and playing is everything.”

Once the My Doll Best Friend online activity grew to a certain level it became necessary to find more virtual space to play. Building a new website was fundamental from a technology perspective. Similar to my experience growing up, when something grew and got bigger, it was vital to adapt.

Although already having to gain a fairly in-depth knowledge of how to create and transition any new launch, I of course opted for the technological route that everyone advised against! However, as a hard-working woman, there has been no greater pleasure than stretching and reaching - and proving that you can achieve anything that you put your mind, heart and soul into.

Our new launch is still developing by the day, and the strong vision is now becoming a reality for our customers.  Listening to your requests and dolly desires will always be our way to keep content and functionality fresh and satisfying to our customers. However, our purpose will always remain, to be here for you when you want to shop and play.

You may notice some similarities with the old website. Of course we brought with us the Customer Photo Gallery, which we knew you all loved and contributed to.  We've added many more photo albums already, so go and take a look!

We've also kept our advantageous loyalty point scheme! Now with every purchase, we are also offering a social share discount. Simply share what you have added to your basket on Facebook and in return we will offer you a little discount for mentioning us! We have an independent review platform for products too, where you can share reviews of your own, or read others' to find out what our customers love most about our services and products before you purchase.

Our shop is also no longer dependent on subcategories! We love this feature as it makes shopping so much easier, especially for those customers looking to find something very specific. If you would like a blue eyed brown haired doll, now you can quickly find the selection by using the useful filters. The search bar helps to predict what you may be browsing for. Try typing in a keyword which is relevant to what you are looking for and our quick and easy filtering function will find each of our relevant products and have them ready for you all in one place. When you #mydollbestfriend on Instagram your photo comes through to the website's homepage after we've approved it of course! We're mobile friendly which means that Google loves us, and  shoppers wanting to locate that special gift in a hurry, do too! You may also be excited to know that once you reach our checkout page, you may notice it is a lot shorter! Hooray!

And of course, not forgetting our new Doll In-Site magazine! Filled with snippets of top news and stories, to continue reading on the blog. What do you think of our Shop The Look features? We just love how when you hover over something you like up pops a window to tell you more about it, and if you click you'll then be taken to the item in the shop. When you've finished browsing hop over to the forums of doll conversation, where you can now make friends and share your passion for the beauty that you see in dolls. No matter where you are, or who you are, we'd love to hear your enthusiasm for dolls!