We are open, and shipping Monday – Friday as normal. Our regular couriers are serving UK and international customers. It might take a few extra days than normal for your parcel to reach you overseas, as we have to wait for airlines. There can be delays at main postal depots due to backlogs in processing parcels. Equally there can be delays at customs.  However, tracking is provided and parcels are arriving as expected and have been throughout 2020 and 2021.


Covid -19 International Shipping Prices

The UK is a small, busy island country with brilliant logistics. We can reach the corners of the world at unbelievable transit prices whether that be a person taking a holiday flight or a parcel being sent across the world by air.

Our airports are busy with business travel, leisure travel and parcels are carried in the belly of all aircraft.

However, the Covid pandemic has hit our air travel and air freight industry hard. 

Destinations that need to be served by air freight are most affected, for example New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States.

For other countries air freight has been replaced by road transit. Therefore we have not needed to alter prices to any other destinations (including Russia), but please anticipate slightly longer transit times than before.

With regards to New Zealand and Australia, we will send the parcel ‘best way’ which means that we may upgrade the parcel to DHL Express,  at our discretion.

With regards to the USA and Canada, due to the volume of parcels we send we will continue to largely subsidise the Covid price increases particularly where more than three or more dolls are purchased.

With regards to the USA in particular, border control is delayed, so customs processing is slow and this is due to staff absences. For most other countries a reasonable service can be expected at customs so parcels should move through customs without too much delay.

For the USA and Canada we will not operate a ‘best way’ shipping policy. Instead, at checkout DHL Express will be offered alongside economy shipping where one or two dolls (or equivalent weight/size) are weighed in the shopping basket. The choice of speed and price is therefore the customer’s to make.

We are pleased with our courier services. The providers have done an amazing job routing parcels into countries. Some feedback from our American customers is that parcels are not being sent to their local distribution centres. This is not really any surprise as logistics providers will fly parcels into airports they can reach and do the rest by road. This can mean that another sorting and customs office to the one you might expect will show up on the tracking information.

As soon as couriers can roll things back to normal they will do, and we will do. Rest assured that we keep abreast of changes on a daily basis. 

What do you have to do now? 

Nothing at all, you can shop as normal! Any changes are taken care of on the website and by our packing team.

See prices with or without tax according to your location.