Customs Information For Russian Customers

A happy New Year to you from the My Doll Best Friend team!

We have learned from our customers that the threshold for tax free imports into Russia has changed as of January 1st 2020.

Now you may make as many orders as you like in a month.

However, you may not exceed 200 euro in any one order (we are told, but best if you check this for yourself). If you do, the parcel will be taxed by your customs authorities.

Caution: If you place orders on the same day, consecutive days or close together, if the parcels arrive at customs at the same time the value of all orders might be added together and taxation applied if the total exceeds 200 euro.

Note the website charges in British Pounds/GBP. The indicative EURO price is INDICATIVE and not updated regularly. Therefore, make the real time conversion yourself from our prices in British Pounds in an online currency converter and bear in mind that by the time the parcel reaches customs the currency will have fluctuated and could be a greater value than when you purchased. 

Finally, please be aware that our role is to pack and ship orders so we will naturally send the orders as created by you at checkout, as quickly as we can.

We always send the correct information to customs.

If you want us to try to stagger shipping your orders, please write and tell us:

1. Order #100012345 to be shipped 'now'

2. Order #100067890 to be 'on hold'

We will do our best. Then when you eventually want the order that is on hold to leave our warehouse, send us an email including the order number, for example, #100067890 and to ask us to 'send'

Thank you!

My Doll Best Friend