If you buy Baby London magazine you might have noticed adverts for sweet Ciao Bimba dolls in Liberty print clothing with girls wearing clothing to match their doll. One of the two creators of Ciao Bimba is Maria of mariasnaturetoys on Instagram, who is the artist and designer of Ciao Bimba Waldorf inspired dolls.  Maria's own collectible dolls take a week each to make and sell within minutes of her listing one for a typical price of 690 euro. Her waiting list is long with many customers waiting months and months to buy one of her creations. Ciao Bimba dolls are the partnership between artist Maria and her customer, now her dear friend, Denitza. They are bringing their vision based on a Waldorf education that calls for natural toys to enliven a child’s imagination, to children everywhere at a more affordable price.


There are so many beautiful photos, here are a few:

bubbles boy ad

Best friends.

ad 2

Story time: are you sat comfortably?

ad 3

Good night little one!



zara and girl

Time for another adventure...

back to school

To understand how this very personal story started, here it is explained in Maria and Denitza's own words.

Ciao Bimba Dolls: The Full Story

"Ciao Bimba is the story of a great friendship between a talented doll maker and her greatest fan.

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful fairy named Maria Asenova who loved to venture into the world of imagination and just refused to grow up. She loved to help people so she pursued a degree in psychology, but fate had other plans for her. Her ever-consuming passion for art and natural dolls didn’t left her in peace until she decided to devote all her energy to it. She changed course, and that was truly a miracle! Each doll she created sprang to live and went out in to world in search of its own adventure. Her dolls made many people happy. After some time, Maria had a charming baby girl who inspired her to create more and more beauty. With each year mother and child grew together in the world of fantasy and play, and Maria became a better and better doll-making Fairy. Each one-of-a-kind doll she breadth life into stole someone’s heart.

One day Maria received a letter from a fan named Denitza Velasquez, who wanted to order many dolls for her baby girl. Maria explained that there was a long waiting list for her dolls, and Denitza was heartbroken. Every day she spent hours admiring pictures of Maria’s magical dolls and lamenting that she could not give her daughter such a doll. However, during her bachelor studies of Spanish and Liberal Arts, Denitza had acquired a great deal of patience! She continued writing to Maria asking for a spot until one beautiful day she managed to acquire a little hazelnut baby doll. She was absolutely delighted but not satisfied. There was some magic in Maria’s dolls that made her feel ever so greedy! She wanted to own more and more of Maria’s dolls.

By this time, Maria had grown a soft spot in her heart for her new fan, and even though she could not promise her a big doll yet, she continued writing letters and exchanging wonderful ideas. Denitza was so enchanted rediscovering the forgotten wonders of childhood through playing with her daughter and the dolls that she had a change of heart. She did not want to return to her grey office any more. She wanted to continue playing…she wanted to be part of the magical world of Maria.

After much contemplation, Denitza decided there was a reason she acquired a Masters of Entrepreneurship, and developed a bold idea. She wrote Maria a long, long letter proposing a partnership. Denitza wanted to make Maria’s colorful dolls more readily accessible to children around the world and not only to doll collectors. She convinced the fairy doll maker that they could live their dream together and make many more children happy!

Together they embarked on a new journey. Maria sought out a new team of little fairies to make special dolls that would touch children’s imagination and heart, and her biggest fan, Denitza, searched for the highest quality materials and a suitable location to house their new creative venture. And they worked happily ever after!"



 Maria still  makes her collectible dolls for adoring fans,  but she now also designs dolls for Ciao Bimba, and with Denitza, has trained all the enthusiastic mothers and grandmothers in the workshop in Sofia, how to bring Ciao Bimba dolls to life for children.

What Is Special About Waldorf Style Dolls?

Waldorf dolls are based on the principles Waldorf education which highlights the value of natural toys to stimulate and enliven a child's imagination. The natural, safe, beautiful and soothing materials speak directly to the emotions and sensibilities of children. The simple fibres are warm and cuddly to hold and nourishing to a child's senses.  Waldorf faces range from no facial features at all to intentionally simple, so that a child can imagine their doll to be happy or sad; laughing or crying; or, indeed the full range of human emotion.

They usually have simple embroidered eyes and a small neutral mouth so that the child can easily project its own emotions onto the doll. The warming sensation that comes as a result of wool stuffing and cotton knit skin affects the play of children by stimulating their creativity and shaping their sense of aesthetics.

Here's why Ciao Bimba's dolls are special:

The doll has a good weight and firmness to the limbs and a fairly hard head. Click on the first image to open the gallery of Mini Bambini Elisa who is 29cm.