It was a pleasure to see these beautiful Ciao Bimba Waldorf style dolls again, and hard to believe that they've only been available for us to buy for just a year! as they're now so familiar, and integral to our cuddly doll selection at My Doll Best Friend.

Here are some of our favourites from the toy fair (click on the images to make them larger):

The babies are so cute to look at and to hold, their soft but firm structure -dressed in soft warm fabric  -just cannot be surpassed: they are made for cuddling tightly!

Ciao Bimba only launched the brand in 2017 and we found they were constantly doing something new throughout the year as they came to understand their business more based on hearing repeated requests. The 46cm Darling dolls were introduced as Mini Darling dolls at 40cm due to the discovery that this was the more popular size. Children can easily hold the 40cm dolls.

In addition, the brand found that the more lifelike weft hair was more popular than the traditional mohair. Further, the more neutral Liberty Art fabrics were preferred to the earlier brighter prints.

The result was that they brought out a new collection of dolls just before Christmas  to satisfy the repeat requests for dolls that fit these criteria; consequently they did not have anything new for general release at the Toy Fair.

Ciao Bimba Dolls at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018

Having said that, we did pick up a couple of gorgeous exclusives that were made as prototypes. Natalie and Tamara are simply stunning as you can see. Natalie has green eyes with curly brown hair and wears a very pretty green based dress. Tamara has two colours of weft hair and the gorgeous purple velvet beret. We hope that we see more of the mixed colour weft hair from Ciao Bimba as it's already popular!

For more photos and to see the Ciao Bimba film find the links in the post:  Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018: Doll Films & Photos  From The Spielwarenmesse.

New Ciao Bimba stock is in the shop.