For years you've been telling us that you wanted us to make Chosen dolls with brown vinyl, like Sasha. The magic of Sasha dolls has never worn off. Named after her creator, it was Sasha Morgenthaler's wish to make dolls with coffee-coloured vinyl, so that they would not visibly belong to a single ethnic group. It was something the leading British doll manufacturers at the time, Pedigree and Rosebud went on record as declaring would not be popular. How wrong they were!

Gotz Puppenmanufaktur made the first Sasha dolls in Germany, and the production was managed by Gotz from 1965 to 1969 and from 1995 to 2001.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to Willow and Sommer, the ninth and tenth seriously beautiful dolls to join our Chosen Limited Edition collection, made by Gotz, for My Doll Best Friend.

Willow and Sommer have coffee-coloured vinyl and their eyebrows are darker to stand out against their browner skin. Their faces have a contemplative, neutral expression that makes them more adaptable to imaginative play than if they were smiling, an almost universally inherited gene of Gotz dolls.

Willow is the second doll in the Chosen family to have olive-green eyes, the first was Anoushka. She has a sprinkling of freckles across her nose and cheeks and her brown hair is French braided in two, with a centre-parting.

Sommer's brown eyes are non-standard Gotz eyes, they are the same deep brown eyes that Chosen Mariah and Honor have. Her hair is long, blonde and side-parted. Both Willow & Sommer are Happy Kidz dolls and have nine mobile joints.

Their clothing is exquisite. Willow wears a short ivory knitted turtle neck jumper, and an ivory velvet skirt to her knee, with a small frill to finish. She wears ivory tights and gold shoes with ribbons to tie.

Sommer wears a green and ivory high neck knitted jumper, the ivory velvet skirt and ivory tights in common with Willow, and ivory lace-up boots. The green of Sommer's jumper is the green of Willow's eyes, making them even more perfect together than alone.

While all Gotz dolls are created in a limited numbers, Willow & Sommer have had an especially small factory run, with only 250 in circulation instead of the usual thousands. If you are lucky enough to own one of these dolls, hold tight, as they are rare and special beauties that will be sure to bring you happiness for years to come.

Gotz have a long and rich history when it comes to making dolls, and their name is synonymous with quality and design.  Founded more than 70 years ago, Gotz made a huge impression when they created the Sasha doll back in the 1960s, which was immediately popular and adored by many across the world.

We share your excitement and enthusiasm at the possibility of owning such unique and wonderful limited edition toys from the Chosen range.

Welcome to the family Willow & Sommer!


How to buy a Chosen doll?

We know you generally prefer a lottery system for the limited edition dolls if there is high demand. It prevents a few customers from buying all the dolls, spreading them as widely as possible, giving you all an equal chance to purchase one of the limited editions until they are sold out.

We never know what the demand will be in advance, and it's always possible you will buy them rapidly, just as it is possible you will buy them over a number of months.  If there are dolls left after the initial registration period, then they ultimately they will be added to to the website for anyone to buy in the future.

Please register your interest to buy Willow, or Sommer or both. One registration per person only.

We will have a very short registration period so that you don't have long to wait.

Registration is open until : Wednesday 23rd June 22:00 CEST / 21:00 BST

Once we see how many registrations we have and what you want to buy, we can allocate stock, or run the lottery system, as appropriate.

We will write to those who have a registration form allocated to a doll/ dolls after the registration period closes.

This will take time because it is a manual process.

It is very important to check your junk / spam folder and be ready to place your order on the website!

We will hold your doll(s) for 5 days from writing to you.

There will be no layaway / or because the Chosen dolls are in stock and to be shipped immediately.

The price for Willow or Sommer, including UK VAT is £124.99.
The price excluding UK VAT is £104.15.

There may be extra costs for international buyers depending upon a country's import tax rules. Shipping is additional.

This is important: If we do not write to you, then unfortunately it will be because we do not have enough dolls. Please do not write to us. We have found we do not have enough capacity to write back individually to emails during these launches.
For Chosen it has to be general announcements that answer the emails, so look out or these.

A huge thank you to you for your support, kindness and respect. Good luck!

Registration is now closed.

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