It gives me great pleasure to welcome Carpatina Dolls to our doll clothes #Patterns section of the My Doll Best Friend website. The patterns are now available for purchase and instant PDF download so you can start your sewing projects straight away!

We do of course stock the beautiful Carpatina dolls, their clothes and shoes already but now you'll be able to checkout online with a clothes pattern too, to make something very unique of your own creation for your new doll.

Each pattern comes with components for two popular sizes of doll: American Girl, and Carpatina Dolls. In time we will test each and every pattern to see which other dolls these patterns also fit - we expect them to fit a number of different European dolls. Already we have a Doll Measurements guide for you to compare the body type and measurements of Carpatina Dolls with other dolls we stock so you can see they are quite similar to Kidz n Cats dolls and Gotz Happy Kidz dolls.

The patterns we've chosen for the My Doll Best Friend shop from the full range of beautiful Carpatina Dolls dress patterns include two beautiful historical patterns: Regency Dress & Spencer and Paletot Coat & Hat. We chose these because not only are they incredibly unique and desirable, they would look equally beautiful in lightweight Summer or heavier weight Winter fabrics.


We also chose the darling Long Robe and Nightdress and Slippers patterns so that you can make your doll something beautiful and cosy to wear in the evenings!

To complete the set of Carpatina dolls clothes patterns we offer at My Doll Best Friend we thought it would be lovely if your dolls could dress in more contemporary clothing too. The Peasant Blouse & Skirt and the Shell Blouse & Skirt patterns offer more up to date possibilities.

After a Summer enjoying the vacation stories run by Carpatina on G+ and Facebook starring the Zoe doll I can see how adaptable these dolls are. The Carpatina brand is well known for their quality dolls and very unique historical clothing but in these photos I can see Zoe looks just as good dressed in casual clothing.

Here's  Zoe 'on vacation' (a Carpatina Dolls photograph). I think she looks like an intelligent doll with a sunny disposition! She looks chic in those sunglasses and pretty necklace!


Zoe is one of the seven Carpatina Dolls in the collection and they each have such a lot of character, all with friendly faces, closing eyes and gorgeous expressive tilting heads.

You can look forward to lots more features involving the Carpatina dolls as we pattern test our new Carpatina Dolls patterns. The doll clothes patterns section at My Doll Best Friend is already populated with these patterns ready for you to start sewing! We also have some free dolls clothes patterns that will fit Carpatina dolls, and other brands of dolls. If you do make clothes we'd love you to send us photos for our Gallery for everyone to admire what you've created and be inspired to make their own dolls clothes!