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Wichtel: Magical Powers

Sun 22nd May 2016

Wichtel dolls sculpted by Rosemarie Muller and made by Schildkrot Pupen.

If #Wichtel #dolls have anything at all in common with elves, then it is their magical powers and supernatural beauty! Dolls are the epitome of fantasy anyway, and if you have a dolly mindset then you’ll understand when I reveal that they have quietly been communicating with me for years! As for their supernatural beauty, they have a charm so intense, it’s more like a spell!

Just take a look!


If you haven’t come across Wichtel dolls before now, or you have and haven’t paid them much attention, then these dolls probably look like funny odd, round little figures with characterful faces – and you may not yet be sure whether you like them or not!!

Why do I keep mentioning elves? Wichtel translates from the German to ‘elf’ in English.

Did you know that they have a magic ability to lift the spirit from when you first lay eyes on them?






Such is their popularity in Europe that very few people just buy one doll. Just take a look at the addiction of those who have fallen for the charm of their expressions and antics, depicted in photos all over the internet. They’ve inspired blogs, forums and even a dedicated Wichtel doll size furniture website. Indeed the Wichtel furniture was created by a husband whose wife kept acquiring more and more of Rosemarie Muller’s delightful vinyl Wichtel dolls! Unsurprisingly the forum is of German origin like Wichtel dolls, like the origination of the concept of elves in the first place back in the medieval times.



These dolls are referred to as ‘balm for the soul’.




Standing 30cm in height they fight melancholy like giant warriors! We love their super cute postures, joyous facial expressions and quality workmanship. Details like mouth blown glass eyes, hand painted faces and complete German production make them very special dolls.

















If you’ve read to the end of this post, then I wouldn’t wonder if Wichtel dolls have started working their magic charm on you already! 😉

All these dolls are ready to play when you are! If there’s a little Wichtel glee and delight missing from your life right now Wichtel dolls can fill that gap, wherever in the world you are.

Available with pleasure from My Doll Best Friend.

10 responses to “Wichtel: Magical Powers”

  1. Hello, I am Rosemarie Müller, I designed and make the Müller-Wichtel®

    I am very happy, that so many people like my dolls. I love them too 🙂 because they touch my soul and I hope your soul too.

    I read that you asked about the different of the dolls from Schildkröt and my dolls.

    I will try explain ( please excuse my bad English):

    All the dolls are my own design, I designed the heads, bodies, arms and legs.
    Only I have dolls with 5 and 9 joints, Schildkröt has only dolls with 5 joints.

    I only get the vinyl parts from Zwergnase, Zwergnase has my molds because it is not possible for me
    to hurl the vinyl .

    Schildkröt has only 4 different faces and only one size, 30 cm. I have 24 different faces and two sizes, 26 and 32 cm
    I make the dolls completely alone with my husband Willi, I paint the faces and the body, my husband mounted the doll bodies.

    Then I complete the dolls with hand-blown massive crystal glass eyes, with hand knitted human hair wigs or faux mohair wigs, with special dresses for each doll, I have no collection.

    Every doll is one of a kind.

    All the dolls have leather shoes from a special shoemaker from GERMANY or sneakers.

    Much dolls have hand knitted sweater or jumper sweater and hand knitted socks.
    My dolls have very high quality.

    These are the the main points.

    I hope, now you can understand why my dolls are higher in the price.

  2. They are all hand painted! There is a price difference because Schildkrot have use of 4 moulds and they make the dolls, whereas Rosemarie has the use of all her moulds and has to pay a factory in Germany to make her dolls. The Schildkrot ones are amazing value, and everyone should have at least one of each of these first – because they are such good value! Then when really addicted, move on to the bespoke ones – and I will be adding more of these when customers start to ask for more!

  3. I wondered too why I don't already have one to be honest! Seriously though, I didn't realise that there were these reasonably priced ones. I'm assuming that the more expensive girls you have, the darker skinned ones, are handpainted but maybe the others are factory painted? Can you tell me why there is such a price difference? Typically I like Mila best, but I'm going to have to go for one of her lighter skinned cousins because I've been too naughty lately buying dolls!!!!

  4. I love the Wichtel dolls so much, I think they are just beyond cute. I saw a couple last weekend in 'real life' and definitely want to bring one ….. or two….home to live with me here in Spain. I don't think these little Elves will stay long on the shelves at My Doll Best Friend 🙂

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