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Petitcollin Baby Dolls at My Doll Best Friend

Sat 18th February 2017

Baby dolls were a stronger offering at Nuremberg Toy Fair this year than in previous years, and it’s now very much the right time to add gorgeous Petitcollin Bibichou by Sylvia Natterer to our My Doll Best Friend shop. This temptation grew this year when we saw the new collection of Petitcollin baby dolls, called Minette, also by Sylvia Natterer. The faces of Minette and Bibichou are delightful, and win children’s smiles and warm adults’ hearts.

Bibichou were new to Petitcollin in 2016 and it was tempting to snatch them off the shelves of the Petitcollin booth at the Nuremberg Toy Fair there and then, so by the second trip to Germany, to the Spring Doll Festival (Puppen Fruehling) in April, the urge was nearly uncontrollable! However, it has to be the right time, and 2017 is it! We therefore welcome Petitcollin’s baby dolls Bibichou, Minette and their accessories to My Doll Best Friend and whilst we have Bibichou already in stock, we impatiently await the arrival of Minette in May.

Petitcollin Baby Dolls

Petitcollin Baby Dolls: Bibichou

The Bibichou range of baby dolls were new to Petitcollin’s collection for 2016. What makes them so adorable is their super sweet, curious painted faces and moulded painted hair. So much expression is delicately and artistically painted on the faces of these  children’s baby dolls that it’s easy to understand their appeal to anyone browsing the internet hoping to find a more special baby doll than those mass produced plastic baby dolls that are found in the high street shops.

At 35cm long they’re ideal for children from 3 years old to play with. The vinyl is quite matt which enhances the look of quality. The baby shape looks like it is a baby in full motion with the angled limbs as if the baby is stretching its legs, or kicking perhaps! Bibichou tummies are round, just like a happy baby! What we adore is that the head and limbs are articulated so they can be moved into many positions which makes them so expressive.

Take a look at our first delivery of Petitcollin baby dolls. Bibichou Lilly is dressed in a pretty pink and blue printed Summer top and soft pink trousers to the knee, with pretty edging, and a matching bonnet which ties under her chin. She comes with a pink trunk containing all the things she will need: nappy cover, bottle, romper suit and blanket. Nick  wears a red t-shirt and grey dungarees. He has blue lace up shoes and a hat with a leaf print. Inside the box is a fleece blanket to keep him warm. Bibichou Nick comes in a cardboard doll box which converts to a bed, with little wood legs. Fleur  is dressed in a pretty floral printed romper suit, lilac cardigan and lilac hat that ties under her chin with a white ribbon. There are lots of pretty little details, like the edging to the hat. A beautiful little baby doll ready to be loved and again, she comes with a fleece blanket and a box which converts to a bed!

Bibichou baby dolls arriving in May 2017 include Teddy (the brown vinyl boy doll), Rafael (white vinyl boy baby doll) and Lena, in pink.


Petitcollin Baby Dolls: Minette

Petitcollin baby doll Minette is 27cm baby doll with a soft cotton body filled with a polyester fibre and weighted with a few pellets in her bottom. Minette Fanny, one of the collection of two Minette dolls, has moulded hair whilst Minette Louisa has curly blonde hair. Both Petitcollin baby dolls are a great size for small hands. Fanny is ideal for a 18 months+ as she has no hair which makes her safe for this age group. Minette Louisa is suitable for age 3+.


What older children and indeed adults love about the Minette baby dolls is that they are perfectly scaled to sit side by side the taller doll collections, such as Finouche (48cm) as her younger sister.

We’re very excited at My Doll Best Friend to now offer the full range of Petitcollin baby dolls.

Petitcollin Baby Doll Accessories

As Bibichou will undoubtedly be much loved, he or she will need a change of clothes and a moses basket for naps on the move. We have some Bibichou baby doll clothing and accessories in stock and more will be arriving in May with the new Bibichou dolls Teddy, Rafael and Lena.

Clothing and accessories for Minette is available, but it’s the clothing you see them wearing that can be purchased separately. We hope that Petitcollin adds to its baby dolls range in 2018 as Minette is likely to be very popular this year!

Take a look at our in stock Petitcollin baby dolls, and the rest of the collection. Pre-ordering any Petitcollin Sylvia Natterer doll that is not yet in stock but due in May is possible, here.

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