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Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018: Photo Albums & Films

Thu 8th March 2018

Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018 Index of Doll Photos & Films of dolls from your favourite brands

Welcome to the cornerstone article of 2018, featuring links to the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018 doll photo albums and films, created by My Doll Best Friend. By clicking the links you get to see what we saw through our camera lens; and learn what’s coming into our shop this 2018! It’s been a thrill to put this index together for you again. We consider this page to be our shiny, sparkly doll cave, full of dazzlingly beautiful treasure. All you have to do is click the minor headings below and you’ll  be taken to the appropriate page. Please enjoy the beauty in the images that link from this page, and come and read about the dolls on the blog!

We have toy fair articles galore from past years – when you’ve read all the 2018 ones!

We put this together at our own cost without sponsorship from the manufacturers whose products we’re showing, as we do with all the articles we write on the blog; so if there’s something you wish to buy from what you see here, please feel very welcome to hop over to the shop and use the Brands section to locate the doll.  If it’s not in stock we can order it!

Please share this page to doll groups so others can share in your doll love. It’s fun to experience this hobby with others and you’ll find other people will enhance your hobby and you’ll learn knew things you could never have imagined, simply through the shared joy of dolls.

Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018 Photo Albums:Schildkrot Wichtel Kimiko Muller doll 2018

Gotz Dolls

Schildkrot Dolls

Petitcollin Sylvia Natterer Dolls

Vestida de Azul Dolls

Llorens Dolls

Ciao Bimba Dolls



Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018 Films:

Gotz Dolls 

Schildkrot Dolls

Petitcollin Sylvia Natterer Dolls

Vestida de Azul Dolls

Llorens Dolls

Ciao Bimba Dolls




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