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Sun 5th March 2017


1  Editor’s Word  Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017

2  Gotz Dolls  Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017

3 Gotz – The Edit – Shop the look! Clothes arriving by 10th March.
4 Petitcollin  – Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017
5 Baby Dolls? – Here now, and coming soon…
6 Schildkrot Dolls – Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017
7 D’Nenes Dolls – Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017
8 Boneka  – New doll fashions, arriving mid March…
9 Upcoming – update on all your favourite brands…
10 Pre-order form – create your own doll!…
11 Chosen – Rosie and Kitty limited to 250 worldwide…-

12 FREE GIFT! Grab your doll umbrella!

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1. Editor’s Note 

What a busy and exciting time of year this is! It has been non-stop since visiting the Nuremberg Toy Fair in early February and now we’re thrilled to be able to share news with you, in the first of two parts.

In this Doll In-Site, find news from the Nuremberg Toy Fair on favourite brands: Gotz, Petitcollin, Schildkrot and D’Nenes. We’ve written articles, added photos to the Galleries and created brand oriented films on You Tube, to bring the news to you! Behind the scenes we’re ordering stock, listing it on the website and filling shelves in the warehouse. Of course, we’re sending out orders quickly as always, and replenishing stock just as fast! By May we expect to have most of our 2017 dolls.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, keep up with Toy Fair news on the blog, check our new stock pages and come back to Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017 Brand Photos & Films page time and again, as we update it with new media.

The highlight of the toy fair was reconnecting with existing brands, looking at their 2017 collections and knowing if we’d never stocked the brands before we’d snap them up!


Within each brand’s booth there was excitement, and we hope you pick up on that, as we share the doll news and pictures with you.

The pictures and news you’ve  been waiting for…

2. Nuremberg Toy Fair

Gotz Dolls

Gotz Dolls has excelled this year, with new dolls in the Happy Kidz and Hannah ranges, fashion inspired doll clothing and fabulous fantasy pieces to make doll play engaging for children who have a wide variety of interests. Gotz is the benchmark for beautiful play dolls and the brand has been at the Nuremberg Toy Fair every year since it made its debut in the 1950’s.

Every year Gotz brings their interpretation of current fashions in the real world to the styling of the dolls clothes. Last year we had Charlotte Olympia inspired Gotz doll ‘cat’ shoes, even ‘mouse’ shoes’ and this year we have ‘panda’ shoes!  We might not find it on Avenue Montaigne, but the Gotz fashion house is definitely a label in its own right – for our dolls of course!

Read more…

Gotz Happy Kidz Charlotte wearing the panda style outfit


Black Beauty – the new Gotz horse with fabulous mane and tail is coming end of April!

Cheeky Days of the Week knickers arrive the third week in March. Everything else:

In Stock by 10th March!

Gotz Strawberry Jumpsuit 45-50cm £28.99

Panda Style Outfit 45-50cm £28.99

Days of the Week Knickers 45-50cm £18.99

Munich Dirndl 45-50cm £25.99

Denim & Digital Print Outfit 45-50cm £28.99

Gotz Kimono Bathrobe & Slippers 45-50cm £18.99

Gotz Bikini Flower Field 45-50cm £9.99

IMG_0471 (2)


2017 Collection


Once again Petitcollin’s Sylvia Natterer dolls captivated audiences at the Nuremberg Toy Fair.  Sylvia Natterer has further increased her range of dolls to the delight of her worldwide fan base. This year at the Nuremberg Toy Fair Sylvia Natterer launched Minette. We now have Finouche, Starlette, Minouche, Bibichou and the latest and smallest: Minette.

Take a look at new Finouche Hannah opposite…

Read more…

Petitcollin BABY DOLLS


The Bibichou range of baby dolls were new to Petitcollin’s collection for 2016. What makes them so adorable is their super sweet, curious painted faces and moulded painted hair. So much expression is delicately and artistically painted on the faces of these  children’s baby dolls. It’s easy to understand their appeal to anyone looking for a more special baby doll, than those mass produced plastic baby dolls that are found in the high street shops.

Bibichou Dolls


Schildkrot Dolls exhibited exquisite artist dolls at Nuremberg Toy Fair and we couldn’t resist! With such a beautiful selection we bought Wichtel dolls,  plus Sybille Sauer, Sieglinde Frieske and Gudrun Legler artist dolls.

Schildkrot Dolls


The Schildkrot Dolls booth at the Nuremberg Toy Fair is the place of magicality, but what gives it this air? See the full article.
We found it impossible to limit ourselves to our usual spread of Rosemarie Muller Wichtel dolls. In the end after much pondering, we bought more Sieglinde Frieske dolls and for the first time Sybille Sauer and Gudrun Legler dolls. Much as we’ve increased our spread of artists…

Read more




Marieta dolls
& NEW Danaela dolls

Never let it be said that D’Nenes isn’t the a value for money brand because the dolls are truly excellent prices for such beauty and workmanship – and made in Europe. My Doll Best Friend is the exclusive retailer for the Spanish brand D’Nenes in UK. D’Nenes Marieta dolls are popular, in particular the sweet Bolivian and African dolls. Now we’re the exclusive retailer for Nataly, Andrea and Danaela dolls by D’Nenes.

Danaela, who you can see opposite, was possibly the most captivating new doll at the Nuremberg Toy Fair this year. She has a refinement that makes her so unusal and realistic.  Her face is dreamy and her clothing delicate but it’s the way her legs are positioned when she is seated that make her look completely appealing.

Danaela and the other D’Nenes dolls are expected to arrive on March 17th.

Full feature coming soon.








Mini Maru and Mini Tanya from Maru & Friends need some more clothing we hear you say! In response we’ve ordered Boneka branded clothing in their Effner Studio size to fit 33cm dolls. Dresses fit Mini Maru and Minouche dolls. Boneka makes clothing to fit Mini Kidz ‘n’ Cats and Mini Fun In Faith dolls too, and of course clothes for 24cm Boneka dolls which fits our Heidi Plusczok dolls. For those who like to, you can even create ‘little sister’ appeal by dressing dolls of different size in the same clothing!

Shop Boneka

*It’s possible to pre-order some dolls using the pre-order form. Click the form on the right.
1 Gotz 2017 stock is mostly already here! There’s a few pieces due in March and a couple in April, like the fantastic new black horse!
2 Kidz ‘n’ Cats – very delayed 2016 stock is due  by mid-March. 2017 stock is not due before July.
3 Schildkrot dolls are arriving throughout March. They are made to order, so will be shipped as they become ready.
4 Petitcollin new 2017 stock is due in May.
5 Heidi Plusczok dolls will be re-stocked in May following the Spring Doll Festival
6 Rosemarie Muller’s Wichtel dolls are on order for May.
7 Boneka – Tuesday’s Child is due in May, Monday’s Child will follow. Clothing arriving mid-March.
8 Mini Maru & Friends – Mini Savannah and Chad are due in May.
9 Vestida de Azul – stock ordered, no news of readiness for shipment yet.
10 Paola Reina – stock ordered, no news of readiness for shipment yet.




Happy Kidz
Rosie & Kitty

Gotz dolls are renowned across the world, having built up an impressive reputation over the past 70 years, so it’s unsurprising we are experiencing a great demand for the 250 dolls produced. Once Rosie and Kitty are gone, they are gone. We won’t be making any more, and probably never again will you find dolls made to these exact specifications. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with customers worldwide loving Kitty’s green eyes and Rosie’s brown hair and blue eyes. We cannot tell you how many we have left although many of you have asked.

Customers have posted some amazing photos of their Rosie and Kitty dolls in our doll forum. We love looking at these, thank you! Take a look through the photo album created from the forum photos, called Chosen.

Shop Rosie and Kitty



free Gotz doll gift


Gotz Umbrella!



Gotz Umbrella!
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April showers bring May flowers and all that good stuff, but it’s nice to stay dry, don’t you think?

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