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Fri 8th January 2016









Gretchen, Finchen, Lottchen and Lenchen continue…



What do you think of the dolls for 2016 from Kidz ‘n’ Cats? Which one(s) might you like to buy? Which outfit is your favourite from all the outfits the dolls are wearing?

We’d love to hear your views so please don’t be shy and write a word or two!

More photos to follow at the end of January, live from the Nuremberg Toy Fair where these dolls and accessories will make their debut. Subscribe to this blog for Nuremberg Toy Fair news and photos!

30 responses to “NEW FROM KIDZ ‘N’ CATS IN 2016”

  1. Hi Marina, I have Lena, and I highly recommend her! I don't know if my Lena (who I have renamed Olivia) was produced before, in the same year as or after your Nellie (though the fact that she came with a cat does mean she was produced before 2015), but I personally love her colouring – rosy without being too pink, and the hair and dark brown eyes are even more beautiful than they are in the pictures!
    Plus she's easy to dress, which, considering that I got her because I like making doll clothes, is a definite plus – every colour I have tried so far looks fabulous on her! πŸ™‚

  2. The new dolls are amazing, especially the outfits, but the face colour is a problem. I bought dark haired Princess in Pink last year and nearly sent it back when I saw the colour of her face. It was greenish grey. It is especially noticeable against rosy complexion of Gotz Happy Kidz Sophie we have. Sadly Princess in Pink looks green even against Zwergnase and Kathe Kruse dolls. Despite all this my daughter loves Princess in Pink more than all other dolls and we have quite a few. She calls her Nellie after one of her girlfriends who is French. She is now asking for Rosie and Lena and declined suggestions about new Gotz dolls and 2016 Kidzncats. Given the price it’s unlikely I’ll buy both but I might try and get either Rosie or Lena on a special offer somewhere. Whatever the face colour might be!

  3. Hi Blue, thanks very much for your comment. Mini Fredy for Bobo? Or is that just plain sexist?! I have my eyes on your Helen if you are downsizing πŸ™‚ The vinyl colour…again…All I know is that the new dolls will have a different vinyl colour – but that would be normal with each run of dolls anyway. Likely to be month of May before we see the 2016 dolls and their new colour.

  4. Hi Anne, thanks very much for your comment. I'm looking forward to getting to see the dolls in person…taking some photos and asking sooo many questions! I've missed a riding outfit from them since outfit Tina was retired. It's a really popular type of play outfit – that and ballet. I wonder if they'll get more involved in play accessories now they're part of Hape…dot dot dot

  5. Like Rianne above, Alice is my favourite of the new dolls, combination of hair and eye colour, the fringe, and the face mould. I love all the girls outfits, and thrilled to see that K and C are introducing a riding outfit. I don't have room for more dolls but the riding outfit is definitely on my 'to buy' list.

  6. Hi Susan, thank you very much for your comment. Alice I love too – her clothes are so pretty and strong at the same time. The skin colour is a preference thing – and I've answered a comment above about this – it matches' Sonja's skin tone and that seems as sensible a way as any for an artist to pick a vinyl colour. There will be some difference in the vinyl of the 2016 dolls so hoping you love the whole package!

  7. Hi Sharon, thanks so much for always making the time to comment – I really appreciate it! Fredy is very handsome isn't he? And why shouldn't a girl doll have a boy doll to play with? Maybe he's Niko's doll! πŸ™‚ I like them too. Sadly still no position for case carrier; oh that I could afford such luxuries!x

  8. Hi Rianne, thanks so much for sharing your views! When I met Sonja at the Toy Fair and I mentioned the criticism, for her feedback, she turned over the palm of her hand and compared the back of her hand to the colour of the dolls' vinyl – they matched! I think this says a lot. Preferences are what people are talking about here, but criticisms are how the points are being made. I love your names for the new Minis – I very much hope they catch on!

  9. I had actually been keeping an eye on the Kidz 'n' Cats website to see when the new collection would show up, but you beat them to it. πŸ™‚
    As for my 2 cents on the problems mentioned: I love the colouring on my Olivia (Lena). It looks very natural to me, and certainly not grey/brown. I draw portraits (in coloured pencil) and know all too well it's notoriously difficult to get skin colour to "look right" to everyone, but of the dolls I have seen (they unfortunately have only a few in stock at the wonderful shop in the Netherlands where I bought Lena), the skin colour certainly wasn't off-putting or wrong to me.
    It's true that some of her joints are a little stiffer than others, but I haven't really tried to put her in many different poses yet. She stands fine – and looked gorgeous in the Laura dress I bought on this site! I'm sure the joints will get more supple over time either way.
    Incidentally: I think "Innocent" (for the first four) and "Impish" (for the new ones) may be good names for the Mini faces. πŸ™‚

  10. I think the little mini boy is very cute and so is his outfit.
    I am really looking forward to seeing your photos from the Toy Fair as there is nothing better than 'in real life' photos of the dolls. My offer from last year is still open, to come along and carry your cases for you! LOL
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

  11. I had thought that the greyish/ashen colour of the vinyl was something only I had noticed, and disliked. Turns out I'm not nearly the only one. Also Kidz n Cats are becoming notoriously difficult to pose in my opinion, because of the tight joints making them look knock kneed. If this were no longer an issue, I would definitely add Alice and Selina to the family. Sadly though, as long as it's an ongoing manufacturing problem, I don't think I could risk spending that sort of money to run the risk of disappointment once again. If any of their outfits were available to purchase separately however, I would buy in an instant. I do hope more clothes become available to buy individually. Fingers crossed.

  12. MADLY in love with Alice. I adored the newest face mould, but was waiting for a girl with brown hair and brown eyes (already have Lena, whom I call Olivia). Alice is exactly what I was hoping for. When can we pre-order these? πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Glenfrared, thanks very much for your comment – so pleased that you read about the new Kidz 'n' Cats here! Clarissa and Fredy are cute newbies – and looks like Fredy is even a new face mould! I replied to Carrie so do have a look as it's relevant to your comment too. Thank you!

  14. Hi Carrie, thanks so much for your comment and your feedback about what would make you buy EVEN more! Their faces are truly beautiful and lifelike. About the vinyl – when the Hartmanns made the earlier dolls feedback was that they were too pale! Funny isn't it?! I think they're working on the colour of vinyl at the factory, and I hope that when we see the dolls in May that shade of the vinyl is very popular with the majority of customers. We will definitely stock the Kidz 'n' Cats doll brand at My Doll Best Friend and our order has already been placed in fact. Kidz 'n' Cats is one of the best play doll brands in the world; it's innovative, original, stylish, fresh and the brand brings something very special to doll play – even if this and that could be improved! Thanks again – keep in touch!

  15. I love the curly red head, but if the vinyl is going to be that dark grayish brown, very sad that it will ruin her look. I really hope the vinyl coloring is restored back to the natural skin tone of the earlier dolls and the joints will no longer be an issue. I would buy SO many more dolls if these two things were addressed as the faces are beautiful!

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