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Wed 13th January 2016

Gotz Happy Kidz Clara 2016 has red hair and is new, but the Gotz doll you really want from reading all your comments is a blue eyed brunette!

It’s another day of #doll news! This time from #Gotz Puppenmanufaktur who launch their 2016 doll and accessories collection officially at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 27th Jan- 1st Feb. However, in a break from tradition (and  because of photo leaks!) they’re authorising us to show you the dolls, using the high resolution promotional photos here on the blog, in advance of the Toy Fair.

Here are the new Gotz dolls!!!!


Happy Kidz Clara has red hair and blue eyes! (This has been confirmed).



Happy Kidz Emily has blonde hair and brown eyes.


Happy Kidz Marie has blonde hair and blue eyes.



Charlotte has brown hair and brown eyes. She has the face mould sculpted by Sissel Skille that was available for the previous Happy Kidz dolls (a long story..and another blog post). Ordinarily this face mould was used on the Hannah body – so no elbow and knee joints. Looking at the photo, this Happy Kidz doll might have the Hannah body.


Hannah Happy Birthday has brown hair and brown eyes.


Hannah and Her Dog has red hair and brown eyes.


Precious Day Jessica has blonde hair and blue eyes.


Precious Day Jessica with fringe (bangs) has blonde hair and green eyes.


Precious Day Elisabeth has brown hair and brown eyes.

When I met with Anke in Nuremberg last year I passed on all your comments (and my own thoughts as an adult play doll enthusiast) that we’d like more new hair/eye/face mould combinations, please!!! This 2016 is Gotz’s interpretation of that – and Anke made snap decisions at the fair – she said bring back a Sissel Skille? And, a redhead Happy Kidz ?(Originally she thought maybe as a Classic Kidz – but that range has reduced, so I see that the redhead has become Happy Kidz Clara). I find it fascinating how quickly leaders make decisions that they stick to.

What do you think of the 2016 new Gotz dolls?
Looking forward to hearing your positive comments, and views as to what you’d like to see in the future – that I may share on my next trip in 2 weeks time!

Expect these dolls to become available at My Doll Best Friend from March. Happy Kidz and Hannah doll prices will be c£79.99 and Precious Day will be c£59.99


35 responses to “NEW DOLLS FROM GOTZ FOR 2016!!!”

  1. I still wish that Anke would bring back a brunette with real blue eyes not grey/blue. Please ask? As always Gotz are my favorite dolls. I can just picture the doll she would have no fringe brunette true blue eyes and she would be a Happy Kidz with bendable arms, it could have a Sissel Skills face mould. Diana

  2. Love all the dolls, especially Clara with blue-eyes, red hair! Nice to see a Jessica with bangs, too. Thank you for the preview photos Maxine. Looking forward to the Toy Fair photos, too. Whisper to them that on my wish list I would love a brunette with bangs(fringe) and braids; with blue eyes. Pretty dress with Mary Jane style shoes.

  3. Where did you read that Simon? I think they would love to make dolls for collectors again – I think they're just not very aware that there's a market for dolls for collectors. They make sure their dolls are toy tested and suitable for children and it seems to be these that all of us love!

  4. Hi Tunde, I think she was called Gwendolen – and I'd love to see some photos of her but there are so few on the internet because the internet was just a baby when she was released! Very pleased that you love Katie 2015 – me too! I will tell them 😉 Thank you for your good wishes for my trip. Check back soon for reports! 🙂

  5. I agree with you. Long years ago Hannah also had a version with brown eye-blond hair combination and she was gorgeous! I searched everywhere, but unfortunately it is impossible to get her. I would be so happy to see her again in the Götz collection.
    And please mention that last year's Happy Kidz Katie is an all time favourite! She is so lovely with her freckles and unique auburn hair colour. I got her for Christmas and I'm so grateful to have a special doll like her.
    Thank you for sharing these awesome photos of the new collection! Have a nice journey and I'm waiting to see your reviews:)

  6. Please, Maxine, could you ask the people at Gotz to make a brunette Hannah (without fringe, preferably) with blue eyes? Please. And I think Classic Kid Louisa would also look gorgeous with this colour combination.

  7. Beautiful dolls. Clara with lovely red hair is definitely on my wish list! Her outfit is disappointing, but that means there's so much scope for me to improve! I'm looking forward to seeing photos from the toy fair to get a really good idea of each new character. Many thanks for the preview.

  8. Thank you for this information. Love Clara & Charlotte but not to keen on Charlotte outfit. Love Hannah's Happy Birthday outfit but disappointed she does not have blue eyes because I already have Hannah with this hair/eye combination. I think it would be a good idea if Gotz done a survey through online retail shops to see what actually doll collectors would like to buy in the future.

  9. Love the red haired Clara, not mad about her outfit but that's easily changed. Definitely one I would like to get. I agree with the person above about a brown haired doll with blue eyes would be a nice combo in the happy kids, classic kids or Hannah range.

  10. Oh I love the new Clara! She's definitely at the top of my list, but if we don't see her at the shop until March, I may have to get one before then!

    I'm conflicted about the Skille sculpt. If she's on a Happy Kidz body, I will have to get her, but I kinda hope she's on a Hannah body. I'm not a huge fan of that sculpt.

  11. I am a big fan of Gotz dolls but I do not understand why there is no doll with dark hair and blue eyes. I have been waiting for such a doll produced by Gotz for years.
    And I mean the big standing dolls like Hannah or Happy/Classic Kidz. Last year dark-haired blue-eyed Hannah appeared at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, but she was used only
    to demonstrate some clothes. And I had such high hopes she would be available this year…

  12. Thank you so much for these wonderful news !
    > I just LOVE the new Happy Kidz Charlotte, I wanted so much to have a doll
    > with that face mold. Thank you so much to have contributed to it when
    > speaking with Anke ! I also like the idea of having a new Happy Kidz with
    > red hair and blue eyes, that's great !
    > On the other hand, I am very very deceived with the new Hannah and her
    > dog. I am collecting Hannah and her dog since a few years ago and I was
    > hoping for a new Hannah and her dog with blue eyes. I can tell you that I
    > am a member of a forum where there were a lot of collectors with the same
    > hope. We wish they could make again Hannah and her dog with blue eyes in
    > the future. We are a little bit tired of brown eyes and also the one for
    > 2016 has the exact hair style of the one for 2015 ! Please, if our
    > opinion is important for them, tell them to make again Hannah and her dog
    > with blue eyes, the collectors who don't have Hannah and her dog with
    > blue eyes have to pay a lot of money on the secondary market to get one
    > with blue eyes and the money goes to people who sell on ebay instead to
    > sellers like you or Götz itself ! Thank you so much for reading my comment
    > and for trying to help us ! Enjoy your trip to Nuremberg !

  13. Ah! I see she does have brown eyes! That makes perfect sense – I thought they had changed her again!! Good to have the blondes with both brown eyes (Emily) and blue eyes (Marie). A good collection with pretty clothes this year!

  14. As I now have an Emily, I just LOVE that face and like the red haired Clara with a fringe. Now whether I will adopt one or not remains to be seen….when I find a doll that I feel is 'special' to me, I try not to buy another the same in case it 'dilutes' the specialness (I sound like a complete fruit cake, don't I!) I think the Charlotte facemould is interesting but will wait until I see your photos from the Toy Fair. The little Precious Day Jessica is very cute with the fringe, but I think they have soft bodies so I'd probably not be tempted by one of those. I really look forward to seeing all your photos when you come back from the Fair! Have a fantastic time!
    Thank you Maxine!

  15. Hi Pam, Emily's eyes are brown – I'll re-read seems it I might have made an error which I'll correct. I really just made the point that many adults love the Gotz dolls but what we're looking for is some change in 2016 in eye/hair/face combination – taking nothing away from the children's market but adding to the interest for adults – Anke mentioned the redhead – her idea. The penny drop moment was wonderful though (as a huge Gotz doll fan myself)!

  16. Thanks so much for this information, Maxine, and for the lovely photos. I love the new Clara!! Well done for suggesting they bring back this face with the red hair! I am looking forward to seeing your photos from the Fair and when you actually get the dolls, as they are always so much nicer than the promotional pictures from Gotz.
    Does Emily now have blue eyes then? She currently has brown eyes and in the Gotz photo they look brown still?
    Thanks again!!

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