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Interview with Wichtel Doll Artist Rosemarie Muller

Fri 25th November 2016

We are delighted to have just received images of next Wichtel dolls to make their journey to us from Germany. To introduce our new arrivals and tell us a bit more about them is talented Wichtel artist, Rosemarie Muller who has kindly given us this mini interview.


Hello, I am Rosemarie Müller, I designed and make the Müller-Wichtel®

I am very happy, that so many people like my dolls. I love them too  because they touch my soul and I hope your soul too.

MDBF: Customers would love to know about the difference between your dolls and the Wichtel dolls made by Schildkrot. Do you think you could tell us a little bit please?

I will try explain.

All the dolls are my own design, I designed the heads, bodies, arms and legs.

Only I have dolls with 5 and 9 joints, Schildkröt has only dolls with 5 joints.

I get only the vinyl parts from Zwergnase, Zwergnase has my moulds because it is not possible for me to make the vinyl.

Schildkröt has only 4 different faces and only one size, 30 cm. I have 24 different faces and two sizes, 26 and 32 cm.
I make the dolls completely alone with my husband Willi, I paint the faces and the body, my husband strings the doll bodies.

Then I complete the dolls with hand-blown massive crystal glass eyes, with hand knitted human hair wigs or faux mohair wigs, with special dresses for each doll, I have no collection.

Every doll is one of a kind.

All the dolls have leather shoes from a special shoemaker from GERMANY or sneakers.

Many dolls have hand knitted sweaters and hand knitted socks.
My dolls are very high quality.

These are the the main points.

I hope, now you can understand why my dolls are higher in price.

MDBF: With gratitude to Rosemarie for her beautiful dolls and this insight into their production.




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