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    Peggy Stuart

    Andrea, We pulled something out of the freezer that has been there for a while. It was a mystery, but looked like soup. When I tasted it, it turned out to be Moroccan Lentil Soup, one of my favorites.

    Our church service is online. I’m leading a video conference call with other family members after that using Zoom. I hope it works.

    My new cardigan is dry, and I should be able to unpin it later.


    Andrea Wood

    Hi everyone! I am so happy to know all of you are ok!

    Peggy, I am glad to see that Honor has arrived safely!

    Pam, that’s really bad timing for your computer to fail. I am crossing my fingers for you that the old one can be made usable for the short term.

    I am actually happy that I have to sew only from my fabric stash! I have far too much on hand, both for quilting and for garments for dolls and humans, so to be forced to use some of it up is a very good thing. The only problem I have is not seeing exactly what I want to make the Azorean Anorak Jacket, although as I look further at what I have, I am sure I will find something suitable! But I have a couple of ideas for new dresses for our Gotz Girls, so I think I may try to work on that instead.

    While there are a few things in short supply at the grocery stores here (toilet paper and paper towel for example, which never did make sense to me), everything else is pretty much available. I am also trying to use up what I have on hand as well food wise. There are definitely some soups in the making with the odds and ends I know are lurking in my freezer!


    Peggy Stuart

    Ginny, LOL!
    Pam, you’re right. There’s a lot of tragedy right now. A little laugh is good for all of us!


    Pamela Elliott

    Hi everyone, we’re trying to resurrect an old laptop so hopefully I’ll be fully back soon. I’m due a new laptop so when everything resumes I will invest in a new one.
    I’ve enjoyed all your comments about unknown food and using up yarn. We’re all going to have to be more creative as well as flexible! A sense of humour is essential too 🙂


    Ginny Revell

    Peggy, it’s kind of you to be making masks. We are short of them here in the UK too, but no one has suggested making them. Good to see Honor – she is gorgeous.

    Pam, I’m sorry too hear about your computer. What bad timing! At least we can still hear from you via your phone, but we’ll miss your lovely photographs.

    Nicole, I like your analogy with making a dish from what you have in the fridge. Though I don’t think I’d be very good at that – I need a recipe!

    On the topic of unlabelled freezer items, I was looking forward to some apricot loaf today, but it turned out to be nut roast!


    Peggy Stuart

    Nicole, I always love to see what you make. I’m working entirely from stash, too. It’s a challenge, as you say, as is cooking with what you have. I often make a Thai dish with faux chicken, but we don’t have any at all. I substituted (real) tuna, and it was just as good. I’m pulling things out of the freezer, mostly soups. I don’t always label things, so we don’t always know what we’re going to be eating!

    Pam, I’m so sorry your computer has died. That makes it difficult to read my stories, and we will miss you here. The stores are closed, but you can still order online. Of course, if it’s something that could be fixed, or you want to trade in your old computer, that’s a little more difficult to do. I hope you get it worked out!

    DH was going to have to go to the post office to send in our Oregon state taxes. (The deadline for Federal taxes has been delayed until July 15.) I was begging him not to go. Then I found out that Oregon just moved their deadline to July 15, too.


    Nicole Gauthier

    Ann, I love the set you just finished. Is it a pattern that will be published soon? Those are my preferred colors.

    I just began a colorful dress and my challenge is to find good colors to match from my stash. I could order online from my wool shop but why not try to use what I have and see what happens. It is like cooking a meal starting from what you already have in try refrigerator.

    Pam, I am sorry for your computer. Here, the Apple stores are all closed. Hope you can find a way to get a new one.


    Pamela Elliott

    Peggy, so glad Honor has arrived safely.
    Please everyone forgive my lack of posting. My computer’s died!! I only have a small phone now. Bad timing!!


    Peggy Stuart

    However, there is no shortage of Honor in our home, at least not now.

    She watching me make masks right now. Soon she can watch me make her new clothes. I do plan to take her out of the box and wash her hair before I send her on.

    Oops! I’m in the wrong thread. Well, I did talk about sewing and knitting for dolls.

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    Peggy Stuart

    We have extreme shortages of everything.

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