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    Ginny Revell

    Thanks for the links, Pat – lovely to see so many of these girls together. Such characters!


    Pamela Elliott

    Pat, I forgot to say thanks for the links to your Zwergnase photos. What a lovely collection. I think I will have to save for another big 55cm one. Not sure which. Maybe I can treat myself for Christmas. For now I am thrilled to bits with Tjada.


    Pamela Elliott

    Thanks, Nicole. Tjada was given to me and I was very surprised how lovely she is. She makes a change from all the other dolls. She has a lovely warm vinyl colour and realistic features. I love her bright red hair, and her clothes and boots. I’ve really taken to her. I’m very lucky.

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    Nicole Gauthier

    Pat and Pam, congratulations for your dolls. I have never seen those in real but looking at your photos make me discover their interesting personalities. And they have beautiful dresses too.


    Peggy Stuart

    Spare money isn’t so much the issue as spare space.


    Stella Taylor

    They are very different to a normal playdoll Peggy, if you had any “spare” money I would definitely recommend you get one or two!


    Peggy Stuart

    Stella, I’ll bet you’re right about the foot-stamping!

    I love it how they make dolls with expressions that change. I see it all the time with mine, although I don’t have any of these.


    Pat Holness

    Thanks Andrea and Pam I love Finja .

    I have all the sizes 33cm 45cm 50cm and 55cm but my favourites are the big girls.

    Here is a link to all my Zwergs apart from Atje the 45cm .
    The other big girl Solvieg I gave to my friend .

    Here is link to Atje


    Pamela Elliott

    Thanks, Andrea, they are nicer than I expected for real. Photos only tell part of the story. Close up Tjada is very appealing and tugs at my heartstrings!


    Andrea Wood

    Your Tjada is lovely Pam and she does have a dreamy look to her. Gorgeous photos!

    Pat, I love yours too! They are a very interesting line of dolls and I can see how easily they could charm their way into your heart! ♥

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 2,282 total)

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