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First Holy Communion Gift Ideas For Girls

Wed 10th May 2017

First Holy Communion dolls for gifts for girls

Two beautiful girls are celebrating their First Holy Communions very soon.  The first is Emma and the second, Alma.  They have been learning about the Catholic faith by attending mass.  Now they are ready to take the Holy Eucharist in front of all their friends and family. It is a very special day, a perfect day for them to wear these beautiful special dresses to celebrate the occasion. They are wearing ivory dresses that are very long and full with lots of pretty lace detail.  The modest puff sleeves are three-quarter length and edged in lace.  Emma and Alma have new ivory coloured shoes to wear with their First Communion dresses and Alma’s are even finished with a little pearl button.  They have beautiful gold pendant necklaces around their necks and both have opted for ivory headdresses with pretty organza flowers and bows to complete the look.

Paola Reina First Holy Communion Dolls

These girls will look very pretty in their photos.
But of course, these are not girls, they are dolls!


Emma and Alma and all above dolls are Spanish dolls by Paola Reina:  gifts for little girls who are celebrating their First Holy Communion.
In Spain somewhere between 73% and 94% (depending on the source of the information) of the population is Roman Catholic.  It’s therefore very popular in Spain to buy a doll as a gift and there’s plenty of choice. The leading Spanish doll brands Paola Reina,  Vestida de Azul and D’Nenes have a good choice of dolls at a range of prices – which is great when you’re choosing a gift.

D’Nenes First Holy Communion Dolls