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Sat 8th October 2016

Gotz Happy Kidz Rosie


 Welcome to our first edition of the new Doll In-Site magazine.

1-3 Meet Rosie: A Gotz Doll Sensation – Read about the most requested doll…
4 The Raincoat – Colourful raincoats are in the shops!
5 Couched In Comfort – Snuggle up on these darker nights on a cosy sofa…
6 Black History Month: Tribute to Mrs F.E.W.Harper (100 years before Rosa Parks)
7 Halloween Treat – Witch Halloween display will you have in your window?


blue eyes
brown hair

Requested so much we had her made!


Limited to 250 Rosie dolls worldwide and exclusive to


For years you have been telling us that you wanted a blue-eyed brunette Gotz doll to add to your collections. In your thousands you have been commenting on global blog posts, social media posts and forums, demanding we create this beautiful creature. You will be pleased to hear that we have been listening, and the stunning Rosie is our response to your many requests.  Read more…





english beauty


There’s an air of nostalgia to Rosie. She is virtuous and possesses a certain type of modest, natural beauty.

Her figure, beauty, dress, and manners are refined. She has gentle blue eyes, that are almond shaped.

Her skin is fair, has a rosy glow to her cheeks and can be described as peachy pale or porcelain-like.




good hearted


Rosie’s a nice girl: well-mannered and good hearted. An English Rose, so composed and dignified in social settings, though her will can be iron-hard, while seemingly subservient.

A spirited girl, who doesn’t lose this vitality as she grows up. One of the charms of the English Rose is her ability to maintain decorum regardless of any trouble.



Editor’s Picks
This season’s must buy!



Inspired by the torrential downpour that we had last night, I thought we’d spotlight our beautiful new raincoats! These colourful jackets are popular with doll size fashionistas worn with cute new wellies.

Autumn blows a gale and it rains a lot in England so a raincoat is often needed. Always nice to receive a compliment too!

So, check out the 3 options below and match yours up to some colourful rain boots – many more in stock!

Shop this look

Blue Raincoat For 18" Dolls


View Product

Gotz Ladybird Rain Boots


View Product

Pink Raincoat for 18" Dolls

Doll hooded raincoat for Gotz doll, in pink.


View Product

Gotz Floral Rain Boots


View Product

Green Raincoat For 18" Dolls


View Product

Gotz Lined Rain Boots


View Product

Paris Lounge Furniture For 18" Dolls

Ultimate comfort for stylish doll interiors £69.99

View Product



Wicker 2-Seater Sofa

The wicker 2-seater sofa has been much requested so we've brought it back and given it a stylish update.


View Product

Pack Of 2 Cushions

Plump assorted cushions for your doll's new wicker sofa.

Ooh let's see!


Back In Stock!
Couched In Comfort

When it comes to doll furniture it is no secret that a doll sofa plays a starring role. It’s the place dolls congregate for chats, to cuddle up with their pets, to have a milkshake, or just to sit at the end of a long day of doll play. I understand a new sofa can be a big commitment; it takes up a lot of space, and it’s not inexpensive item. Sofa seated – those dolls will not tumble and pick up unsightly little rubs to their faces. Let’s admit, these dolls are treasures that we don’t want to come to any harm!

Have I personally sat on them? Can I vouch for their quality or comfort? NO. What I can say is that practical, stylish and comfortable, a sofa can totally makeover your doll living space and be the centre of any doll play.

Shop furniture!


Mrs F.E.W. Harper


Inspired by one of our long standing customer friends whose black dolls are purchased to be renamed, redressed and given their own historically accurate story, we’ve put together our own Black History month:   A Tribute in Dolls. Our doll is Maru & Friends Raven.

A doll-with-story is not a new idea of course, but it’s one of the best, particularly when the representation is meaningful. It’s a great way to teach children about history too. It’s also great play and accessible to everyone!  Read more…

Maru & Friends Raven

Raven, an African American doll by Maru & Friends

View Product

Carpatina Dolls Victorian Bustle Back Set

Carpatina Dolls Victorian Bustle Back Dress Set

View Product


this halloween
Paola Reina  Abigail is 32cm tall and comes wearing a vibrant Halloween costume. Her face paint is rich and beautiful. The green, pink and purple streaks through her black hair give her a uniqueness perfect for Halloween play. Dress your window, and delight children in your neighbourhood as they choose where to stop off!
Top tip:  Enjoy your Halloween witch doll all year round, with a change of clothes from our Las Amigas clothing range!

Treat yourselfPaola Reina dolls logo.

Las Amigas, the popular Paola Reina collection of dolls for children just keep getting more original. Just take a look at Abigail, all ready for Trick or Treat!
Las Amigas, the popular Paola Reina collection of dolls for children just keep getting more original. Just take a look at Abigail, all ready for Trick or Treat!


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