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Mon 10th April 2017


1 Editor’s Note & Gallery Spot

2 Llorens Dolls  Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017

3 Llorens – 2017 Collection on film
4 Paola Reina Dolls  – Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017
5 Easter Hat Parade – Photo Story!
6 Kidz ‘n’ Cats Dolls – Here now!
7 Vestida de Azul Dolls – Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017
8 Vestida de Azul  – Notable 2017 dolls…
9 New FREE Knitting Pattern – Kitty Cat: 2
10 CLEARANCE OFFERS! WeGirls in Clearance Bargains!


1. Editor’s Note

Maxine – Editor, MD

The last eight weeks have been exhilarating with all the new 2017 stock arriving. Our warehouse team, first to see the goods, have cooed over the new baby dolls and ‘wowed’ over Rosemarie Muller’s collectible Wichtels. On the website the New section is chock full with Gotz clothes, Schildkrot babies and collectibles and D’Nenes Marieta dolls. Paola Reina and Kidz ‘n’ Cats dolls stock is the newest to have arrived.

We’ve really expanded our ranges this year and we hope you love what we’ve bought!

We have exciting news to share: we have a new brand, Llorens, coming soon. You can read all about Llorens on the next page.

We’re introducing the Gallery Spot in this edition of Doll In-Site. It will feature a photo from the forum, and we will send a thank you gift, sometimes small, sometimes big, in the post to the member who posted the pic. Enjoy the magazine!

Gallery Spot

Gotz Happy Kidz Kitty Limited Edition of 250 – by Pat.


2. Llorens Dolls

At the Nuremberg Toy Fair

Sometimes it’s all play and no work! The toy fair is one of those trips. Some years it’s really exciting, and you forget you have to do those worky things like placing orders. Seeing these dolls was one of those moments when all thoughts of work were replaced by pure exhilaration!

In a class of their own at 42cm in height, with articulated heads and affable faces these dolls have the charm of Gotz Hannah but are a little bit more affordable. Finally, a brand fills this gap!

Read more…


Llorens DOLLS


Llorens has historically been a brand to offer baby dolls but in 2017 it is entering the older child’s play doll market with these fabulous new articulated child dolls.

Articulated play dolls is what we love! My Doll Best Friend is the ideal UK retailer for this new line from Llorens. Take a look at what Llorens has to offer in the film opposite that we put together from pictures from the Nuremberg Toy Fair.

Incidentally, the tinkling of Christmas music is entirely fitting we think, as it’s moments like this discovery that are like the excitement of Christmas morning – so this is for you to experience it too….

Llorens Dolls 2017

Paulo Reinas

Paola Reina

Toy Fair 2017


Paola Reina has become one of our reliable staple brands that delivers bright and beautiful dolly dolls at great prices year on year. We now buy five ranges from Paola Reina, increasing our range again this year, with the addition of the Blandita dolls, which means ‘soft body’.  Our collections include Las Blanditas, Las Amigas, Soy Tu, Las Reinas and Santoro Gorjuss. Don’t be put off by the Spanish names they translate very literally and give a real indication of what you’re buying.

Read more…

EASTER HAT Parade: Photo Story


We have an Easter Hat Parade photo story for you starring much loved Gotz dolls.

When you have read it, if you’d like to make your doll their own Easter Hat then take a look at how we did it: Easter Hat Tutorial.

We also made cute papier mache Easter Baskets for our dolls, and here’s how: Papier Mache Baskets You Can Make.

Happy Easter!

One of the most eagerly awaited doll brands each year is Kidz ‘n’ Cats, and boy do they make us wait! A quick update for those interested is that we now have all the 2016 stock!!!

Kidz ‘n’ Cats Dolls


It was a pleasure to see the brand again at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, and it was a good opportunity to ask lots of questions. To catch you up if you’re new to Kidz ‘n’ Cats – Kidz ‘n’ Cats dolls are sculpted by artist Sonja Hartmann and her highly successful company, With Heart & Soul, was offered for sale to German company Hape last year….

Read more

Kidz ‘n’ Cats Dolls 2017



Vestida de Azul

Paulina, Carlota
& NEW Coral dolls

Vestida de Azul dolls are charming Spanish dolls with enviable wardrobes and shoe collections to boot! We were delighted to meet up with the Vestida de Azul brand again this year at the Nuremberg Toy Fair to see all the new dolls, clothes and shoes, which are always meticulously made to order at the doll factory in Onil, Alicante, southern Spain.

The colours and textures of the fabric are particularly charming in 2017 and if you haven’t bought a Paulina or a Carlota doll yet, this year should be the year! Here’s why…
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Vestida de Azul


The set of dolls from Vestida this year are individual little characters. Opposite are four of the most notable. The new Paulina doll with smooth red hair is perfect for anyone collecting these dolls as she’s completely new! 

The curly haired Paulina was missing from the 2016 range so by popular request she’s back and in a new dress!

African Paulina wears on trend clothing – we think she’s more London than Spanish!

The blonde is our traditional doll that so many of you love.

Shop Vestida



Knitting Pattern
Kitty Cat: 2

There’s lots of pleasure in a doll, and so many spin off hobbies. Perhaps for you knitting is your main hobby and dolls the spin off!

What’s great is that you’re getting pleasure from your dolls, and to celebrate our world exclusive Chosen, Gotz Happy Kidz dolls Rosie and Kitty – which you know are limited to a mere 250 of each – we’ve created two FREE dolls clothes knitting patterns for you to enjoy!

We launch the second of these patterns here now, which is a top and headband perfect for Happy Kidz Rosie and Kitty to wear with their original skirts.

Shop Kitty-Cat: 2

Free knitting pattern for Gotz, Kidz 'n' Cats and American Girl dolls



BARGAINS – WeGirls Dolls

This is the first time we have retired a doll brand, but when the shelves remain full we have to. WeGirls dolls are beautiful play dolls, made by Schildkrot in Germany from cuddly vinyl. However, they’re not your first choice it seems and so we therefore now offer them at massively marked down prices in order to secure them all new homes soon.

These are quality European 18″ dolls now at only £49.99.  They are perfect for younger children as their hair is rooted so good for styling and their eyes close which is rare amongst this size of doll.

We are sad and sorry to have to let them go. Pick up one or two bargains before someone else does!

Shop for Bargains!



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